Tuesday, July 19, 2016

UPDATED SCHEDULE: July - September, 2016

Be sure to check back often for updates...


(June 26) - July 1
Liberty Baptist Church
Miamisburg, Ohio
Pastor Tom Gresham

Amazing Grace Baptist Church
Columbus, Ohio
Pastor Jobe Beechler

Grace Baptist Church
Newark, Ohio
Pastor Troy Kahler

New Life Baptist Church
Dover Foxcroft, Maine
Pastor David Ireland


Shady Acres Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
Pastor Danny Farley

Old Time Baptist Church
Hamburg, New York
Pastor Lou Guadagno

Tabernacle Baptist Church
Tioga, Pennsylvania
Pastor Steven Neff


Central Baptist Church
Lannett, Alabama
Pastor Jeff Thorn

Buck Settlement Baptist Church
Bath, New York
Pastor Greg Ferguson

Updated: 7/19/16

Friday, July 15, 2016

PRAYER LETTER - July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016

Dear Co-labourers in the Lord,

Greetings in our Saviour’s precious Name!  It is our prayer that you are doing well and staying busy in these uncertain last days.  As the old hymn says…“we’ll soon be done with troubles and trials”.  We are doing well and are thankful for all of your prayers.

Since our last letter, I have been in the following churches…

   *Tabernacle Baptist Church—Lake City, Florida
   *Faith Baptist Church—Springville, New York
   *Blessed Hope Baptist Church—Aberdeen, Maryland
   *New Life Baptist Church—Dover Foxcroft, Maine
   *River Valley Baptist Church—Woodstock, New Brunswick
   *Second Baptist Church—Palermo, Maine
   *Seal Cover Baptist Church—Mount Desert Island, Maine
   *Sebec Corner Baptist Church—Sebec, Maine
   *Bible Baptist Church—Digby, Nova Scotia
   *First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church—Franklin, Indiana
   *Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church—Sanborn, New York
   *Evangelical Baptist Church—Buffalo, New York
   *Liberty Baptist Church—Moraine, Ohio

I also spent three weeks in March up in Maine at New Life Baptist Church filling in for Pastor David Ireland as he was going thru some serious health issues.  He is since doing much better and we praise the Lord for it.  God has given us some very good meetings and some folks expressed that they got some help.  We have seen some cancellations this year for various reasons and it looks like three meetings that have been taking place yearly are no more.  I do not make phone calls to book meetings so we continue to just pray and trust the Lord to fill the calendar as He sees fit according to His will.  If and when you pray for the Cobbs, as well as other evangelists you may know, please lift up our schedules before the Lord.

Next week I head back up to Maine then on to Texas, New York and Pennsylvania and will get back home the first of September.  Please continue to pray for safety and that the Lord would use us however He chooses.

One other special matter I would also humbly ask you to keep in prayer is for the Lord’s will regarding a couple of trips in February and March of 2017.  I have the opportunity to go to Germany for a special meeting and then to Jordan on a missions trip.  Both are very exciting opportunities to serve and try to be a help to God’s people.

In His service,

Bro. Craig 

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Over the last couple of months I have received many phone calls, texts and emails from people literally all over the world asking for updates on our preacher's health and letting us know they are praying for him.  Let me just say first of all THANK YOU to all of you who are praying.  Every time I get a call or text or email, I let the preacher know who it is and he appreciates everybody's prayers.

While his health is still not good, Preacher has been back in the pulpit for several weeks now and continues to persevere despite his sinus, back issues and infections.  He is currently scheduled for sinus surgery on April 7th.  The doctors wanted to wait to get the infection down significantly before they did the surgery so they put him on antibiotics.  They would like to see it subsided more than it is, but have decided it will be good enough to go ahead with the surgery.  This is going to be a major deal.  His doctor said "you are going to absolutely hate me for about six weeks after the surgery, but you will feel way better".  I know he is not looking forward to it but at the same time sees the necessity of it.

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for praying and we ask you to please keep it up!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016




New Life Baptist Church
Dover Foxcroft, Maine
Pastor David Ireland

First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
Franklin, Indiana
Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer


Blessed Hope Baptist Church
Aberdeen, Maryland
Pastor Brad Hanks

New Life Baptist Church
Dover Foxcroft, Maine
Pastor David Ireland

River Valley Baptist Church
Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada
Pastor Andy Nissley


Seal Cove Baptist Church
Mount Desert Island, Maine
Pastor Chuck Barnes

29 - June 1
Bible Believers Baptist Church
Digby, Nova Scotia
Pastor Mark Thren


May 29 - June 1
Bible Believers Baptist Church
Digby, Nova Scotia
Pastor Mark Thren

First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
Franklin, Indiana
Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer

Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church
Sanborn, New York
Pastor Jack Britt

Evangelical Baptist Church
Buffalo, New York
Pastor Jim Donath

26 - July 1
Liberty Baptist Church
Miamisburg, Ohio
Pastor Tom Gresham

Updated: 3/28/16

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH - Clarkston, Michigan
I believe this was our fourth year to be with my good friend Pastor Bob Nogalski and the folks at Victory Baptist Church for their annual winter revival.  Evangelist Bob Foltz from Toledo (Ohio), Evangelist Mark McGaughey from Pell City (Alabama) and I were the preachers.  It is always a great time being with the Nogalski Family - they sure know how to spoil their guests.  There was a good spirit in the services and we saw a few visitors during the week.

On Wednesday morning we left the house at 4:30am and drove to Columbus, Ohio to attend the funeral of one of my heroes - Pastor Jimmy Hood.  It was a blessing to be able to be there.  Many preacher friends from around the country were in attendance and Pastor Jobe Beechler preached a great message.  The whole service was a tribute to what the Lord can do in a man's life.  We left immediately afterwards and made it back to Michigan just in time for the service.

It was planned over a year ago for us to be home around the Christmas/New Year's holidays in order for me to give my preacher (Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer) a break.  We enjoyed being home for Christmas.  I believe the services went well and it was my desire to preach some messages that would be a help to our church.  I was able to see the Lord do a couple of miraculous things and it meant so much to me.  We are very thankful for the dear folks here at our home church.

On Monday, January 4th I got to the Indianapolis Airport to catch an early morning flight to southwest Florida.  We did not make the camp meeting at New Testament Baptist Church last year and so it was good to be back with Pastor Bill Roan and this church.  It was also good to see some friends from around the country at this meeting such as Pastor Mike Keenan from Pennsylvania and Pete Guadagno from Old Time Baptist Church in Hamburg, New York.  Bro. Pete did a great job leading the singing.

I flew from Florida to Houston for the camp meeting at Shady Acres.  I stayed with my buddy - Evangelist Gary Lutrick and we always have a good time together.  His dear wife, Stephanie, was in the hospital for the first 3 days I was there but she did come home and even ended up going to the last 4 nights of the meeting.  I was at this meeting about 10 years ago and have always wanted to get back.  God was in all of the services but really moved in a big way on Thursday and Friday night.  Thursday night was one of those "you just had to be there" services.  The glory of God got pretty thick in there for over an hour at the end of the service.  There were waves and waves of people flooding the altars.  What a great time!

The day before I got back from Texas my preacher was admitted to the hospital with meningitis, MRSA and a double ear infection.  As I was landing in Indianapolis he was having a seizure and he spent the next four days in the hospital.  I preached the next two Sunday's and Wednesday's while he was recovering at home.  I know that many dear saints of God around the country have been praying for him and I know that he appreciates it and so does our church.  This past Sunday he was determined to preach and the Lord helped him preach both the morning and evening services.  He paid a physical price of exhaustion and pounding headaches but he still did it.  The Lord really gave him the strength to get back in his pulpit.

In addition to the above health issues that I mentioned he has a severe sinus infection that is going to require surgery to correct.  He goes to a specialist next Monday and we are all praying the surgery is scheduled soon so he can get some relief from these issues.  Once again - thank you all for praying and I ask that you please keep it up!

Saturday, January 30, 2016


This is just a fun post we started doing a few years back when a friend of ours suggested to us to start posting a map once a year with little dots on it showing folks where we have been.  She thought it would be a neat thing for her kids to see where "Uncle Craig and Aunt Stacie" travel to.  Well - here it is!  I am sure it will be a great encouragement to all of you! (haha!)

Seriously - it is a blessing when we stop and think about all of the places God allows us to go to.  It is always our prayer that He would use us in ways that He would see fit and we praise Him for the opportunity we have to serve the Lord.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

UPDATED SCHEDULE: January-March 2016

Here is our updated & current schedule for the first quarter of 2016.  There is a special notice below the graphic...

Due to my pastor's serious health situation, we have temporarily postponed our January-March trip to Maine to help Pastor David Ireland and New Life Baptist Church.  I know many of you have contacted me asking how Pastor Kirchmeyer is doing and letting us know you are praying for him.  It is very much appreciated and we would ask that you continue praying for him.  I will do my best to keep you updated.


First Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
Franklin, Indiana
Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer

New Testament Baptist Church
Cape Coral, Florida
Pastor Bill Roan

Shady Acres Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
Pastor Danny Farley


Tabernacle Baptist Church
Lake City, Florida
Pastor Mike Norman

Updated: 1/26/16

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


There will be some updates coming to the website in the next few days (December/January report, updated schedule, etc.) but here is our latest prayer letter...

January 26, 2016

Dear Praying Friends,
It is with grateful hearts that Stacie and I send you greetings.  We want to thank you very much for all of your prayers and support of our ministry in evangelism.  This past August marked 14 years of traveling the roads full time.  God has certainly been very good to us and has provided every need according to His will and we stand in amazement and deep gratitude for all of His blessings.

2015 ROUND UP:
The Lord really gave us some great meetings last year.  We saw some folks respond by trusting Christ and saw a few sparks of what I would classify as true, heaven-sent revival.  It was a joy to see the mighty hand of God move in the services and for folks to just get out of the way and let Him do whatever He wanted to.  Space does not permit me to go into detail like I want to.  The last half of the year found us in Ohio, Maine, New York, Texas, Alabama, back to New York, Pennsylvania, back to Ohio, Michigan and then home for the holidays.  It was a joy to be home and preach at our church during the Christmas/New Year’s weeks in order to give my preacher a well-deserved break.

I started January in Cape Coral, Florida at New Testament Baptist Church and then went to Houston, Texas for the camp meeting at Shady Acres Baptist Church.  While I was in Texas my preacher ended up in the hospital with meningitis, MRSA and a severe sinus infection for which he will need surgery.  Our original plan when I returned was to head to Maine to help New Life Baptist Church out for a couple of months over the winter.  My pastor’s health necessitated the postponement of this trip.  I have been preaching here for the past couple of weeks and will continue to do so for the near foreseeable future and will wait for the Lord’s leading on our trip to Maine as all depends on his health.  I would earnestly ask for you all to put Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer on your prayer lists and keep praying for his continued recovery. 

WEBSITE: www.evangelistcraigcobb.com
If you want to keep up with our schedule and more frequent reports, I would encourage you to go check out our website.

 Psalm 122:1— “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.”

In His service,

Craig A. Cobb
Isaiah 61:1