Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do you have power with God?

Often we hear people refer to a preacher as having the power of God while he was preaching. While this is a worthy "accomplishment", I ask you, do you have power WITH God? There is a difference. Are you able to affect God's heart for your own situation or for other people's lives? Do your prayers get God's attention causing him to "change his mind" and turn around and bless you?
Consider Jacob in Genesis 32. The Bible says at the end of the chapter that Jacob had power with God. There is only one other place in Scripture that uses this phrase. That is in the book of Hosea and it is in reference to Jacob. What was it about Jacob that caused him to have power with God? As I studied this passage, 6 main truths became evident that should be elemental in our personal lives.
  1. He was alone with God. We need to have a private time alone with God each and every day of our lives.
  2. He wrestled with God. Your relationship with God requires work!
  3. He stayed up all night long. If we are going to have power with God, we are going to have to do things that aren't convenient and comfortable. We are going to have to crucify the flesh.
  4. He was persistent. The angel told Jacob to let him go, but Jacob would not let him go until he received a blessing. Keep at your relationship with God.
  5. He responded to God. The angel asked Jacob what his name was. Do you suppose the angel asked what Jacob's name was because he didn't know it? I don't believe so. In order to understand what was taking place here, take a look at Jacob's name. It means deceiver, supplanter. Jacob admitted who he was. We need to understand who we really are.
  6. God changed him! Jacob did not try to change. He only strove at his relationship with God. The closer and longer Jacob was with God, God changed him. You cannot spend time with God and not change!
I want to have the power of God on my life, but even more so, I want to have power WITH Him. If you have power with God, you will have the power of God. I don't want to be a powerless Christian. Do you?