Friday, September 28, 2012

Next Stop - Buck Settlement Baptist Church in Bath, New York

We are currently traveling to our next meeting - Buck Settlement Baptist Church in Bath, New York.  This is their annual fall revival that myself and my friend Evangelist Gary Lutrick have been preaching for many years now.  It is always a good time and we are looking forward to being back at Buck Settlement again.  Pastor Greg Ferguson and the people there are wonderful folks and it is going to be a great week together.

Buck Settlement Baptist Church's website - click here.


First let me say that these last couple of weeks were one of those rare times with absolutely no internet access so that is why this post is so late.

We had a great meeting at the Central Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama this last week (September 16-21, 2012) where Jeff Thorn is the Pastor.  Evangelist David Evans, Evangelist Jeff Beck (Colt, Arkansas) and myself were the preachers for the week.  The Lord gave much liberty and unction to us as we endeavored to preach the word of God.  There was lots of good special music during the meeting provided by the Evans Family and the Beck Family.

Because of much rain that came Sunday and Monday the services were held in the church.  We were able to move into the tent on Tuesday and stayed there for the rest of the week.  The following was the preaching schedule for the week:

Sunday School: Craig Cobb
Sunday Morning: David Evans
Sunday Evening: Jeff Beck
Monday: David Evans
Tuesday: Craig Cobb and Jeff Beck
Wednesday: David Evans
Thursday: Gabe Beck and Jeff Beck
Friday: Craig Cobb

Pastor Thorn really had a burden to honor a special couple in his church for their faithfulness and hard work to the Lord and so this took place during the Monday night service.  The choir from Emmanuel Baptist Church (Pastor Darren White) in Valley, Alabama provided the special music.  Emmanuel is only about 10 minutes down the road from Central.  Bro. Evans preached a great message on servants.  At the end of the service Bro. Charlie and Mrs. Bobbie were brought to the front of the sanctuary and Pastor Thorn bragged on their faithfulness, servant spirit and willingness to just help wherever needed around the church.  A special offering was taken to be a blessing to this great couple.  They are truly deserving of all that was done and they sure did not expect anything.

The ladies of the church worked really hard at making meals for the fellowship supper that took place each night.  The food was delicious and we enjoyed it all: ham, lasagna, vegetables and all the usual southern specialties - fried chicken, barbeque, fried green "maters", fried okra and so on.

The Lord really moved in the services and it was good to see many local churches come out each night and support the meeting.  It was good to see many friends from the area we have gotten to know over the years.

Pastor Thorn asked Bro. Evans and I if we could stay over and preach the following Sunday (September 23rd) and we gladly said yes.  It was an old fashioned day with the morning services, dinner on the grounds and then an afternoon service.  I preached the Sunday School hour, Bro. Evans in the morning service and Bro. Thorn closed it out in the afternoon.

There are some pictures below and I have also posted a photo gallery online and you can check it out by clicking here.

Central Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama
Evangelist Craig Cobb, Pastor Jeff Thorn and Evangelist David Evans
The Teen Choir did a great job each night

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching Sunday morning

Evangelist David Evans preaching Sunday morning

Evangelist Jeff Beck preaching Sunday night

Emmanuel Baptist Church choir

Pastor Jeff Thorn honoring "Bro. Charlie and Mrs. Bobbie"

Bro. Jerry Boswell and Evangelist Craig Cobb

The Beck Family singing

Pastor Jeff Thorn - Central Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama

Mrs. Bobbie Evans and Mrs. Stacie Cobb

Saturday, September 15, 2012


We are happy to be back in Lanett, Alabama at the Central Baptist Church (Pastor Jeff Thorn).  We were here for the first time last year but couldn't stay for the entire meeting; we will be here for the whole thing this year and are really expecting great things from God.

I will be kicking off the meeting in Sunday School tomorrow and Evangelist David Evans will be preaching the morning service.  After that we are just going to wait for Pastor Thorn to give us direction as the Lord leads him.  Please check back for updates throughout the week as well and also be praying for the meeting.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NEXT STOP: Alabama

We leave Indiana this morning and start our 600 mile journey to our next meeting in Lanett, Alabama.  We will be in a tent meeting at Central Baptist Church with Pastor Jeff Thorn.  We are looking forward to again being with Evangelist David Evans and his family for this meeting.  We stopped in last year and the Lord let me preach one night.  Pastor Thorn asked us to come back for 2012 to be there for the entire meeting and we sure are thankful for the invitation.  I don't ever want to get used to being asked to preach anywhere.  What a wonderful blessing to be in the work of God.  He sure does bless us more than we deserve.

Lanett, Alabama is about 80 miles southwest of Atlanta, Georgia

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Well we had a great time here in Indiana.  Originally we were just traveling with the Evans family on our way to Alabama to be in a meeting together so on our way we stopped by First. Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church (Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer).  Pastor Kirchmeyer scheduled Evangelist David Evans to preach last Wednesday night. 

While we were here last week Bro. Kirchmeyer asked me if I could stay over and preach on Sunday and Wednesday for him.  I am grateful for the invitation to preach and I believe we had some good services on Sunday and then tonight (Wednesday).  There was a great spirit in the services and the Lord helped me preach some messages that I believe were an encouragement to the church.  As always we enjoyed our time with the folks there.  We will be back in November for a few weeks to once again fill the pulpit on Sundays and Wednesdays while the pastor tries to take some much deserved time off.

The Lord also answered an ongoing prayer of Bro. Evans and myself for meetings together.  Pastor Kirchmeyer scheduled a revival with the both of us for September 2013 and we are already praying for that.

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer (First Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church - Franklin, Indiana)

First Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church - Franklin, Indiana

Friday, September 7, 2012


In the previous post I mentioned that I preached for Pastor Richard Drummond in Ohio.  He gave myself and the Evans family four passes to go and visit the creation museum in Petersburg, Kentucky just outside Cincinnati.  I know several folks from our church have visited there before and they have told what a wonderful time it is.

We absolutely enjoyed the tour and also got to see the planetarium exhibit.  You really need to take a whole day at least to be able to take your time to appreciate all of the exhibits and information there.  I personally thought they did a great job in building and setting up the museum in a professional way.  I am glad that there is something done by Christians that is first class all the way.  If you ever get a chance to go it will be well worth the time and money.  You can visit the museum's website by clicking here.

The pictures below are not the best quality - I took them with my phone and the lighting in the museum was not conducive for phone pictures but better for regular cameras.

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky


This past Sunday night I had the privilege of preaching at Lebanon Baptist Temple in Lebanon, Ohio where Richard Drummond is the pastor.  Bro. Drummond has been a member of this church for over 30 years.  He worked in the Christian school for many years and then spent 15 years in evangelism.  Four years ago he took over as pastor when Bro. Allen Jones went into evangelism.  Bro. Drummond and I have been friends for many years and we preached a few meetings together while he was in evangelism.

We had a good service and the Lord blessed.  A missionary on furlough from South Africa was there and gave the church an update and showed a video presentation right before I preached.  There was a good response during the invitation and Pastor Drummond said the message was a help to the church.  I was especially encouraged when a young man came up to me after the service and said he really believed God sent me to the church to preach that message right to him.  Praise the Lord for the power of the Word of God!

Link to  Lebanon Baptist Temple website

Lebanon Baptist Temple - Lebanon, Ohio

Lebanon Baptist Temple - Lebanon, Ohio

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastor Richard Drummond

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have uploaded a photo gallery of the 28th annual Old Time Baptist Camp Meeting which took place August 19-24.  There's a few pictures listed below.  CLICK HERE to view the photo gallery.

Evangelist Don Hardman preaching

Turn The Tide - theme for 2012

The old-fashioned gospel tent

The crowds ranged between 400 and 550 each night

Pastor Lou Guadagno - Old Time Baptist Church - Hamburg, New York

Pastor Doug Fisher preaching

Pastor Pete Guadagno does a great job leading the singing

Great fellowship each night after the service

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have known Evangelist Cliff Taylor for many years now.  Bro. Taylor was at our camp meeting in Hamburg last week and while we were talking about what we would be doing in the future I mentioned that Evangelist David Evans and I would be going to be at Buck Settlement Baptist Church the following week.  Bro. Taylor also mentioned that there was a church down in that area (what is known as the "Southern Tier" of Western New York) that he was helping and they were holding a tent meeting this same week.  He mentioned that he would like for us to stop by and preach during the meeting if worked out.  The church had been going through a difficult time and that they were currently without a pastor.  Even though there was just a small handful of people left, they asked Bro. Taylor to help them with a tent meeting.

Bro. Evans and I were more than willing to go and do whatever the Lord would let us do.  Well it worked out for us to go on the Friday night (last night - and the last night of the meeting).  I had been keeping up with Bro. Taylor during the week and he was telling me of the miraculous things that God had been doing during the week.  There was another local church in the area that had been coming faithfully every night to support the meeting.  It really boiled down to God doing some supernatural things to help a hurting people.  He said that the Lord used the preachers in a big way and that the momentum had been building service after service.

The plan was for the Evans' to sing, Bro. Evans preach first and I was to close out the meeting.  God fell on Bro. Evans' message and when it came time for the invitation the altars were full and the invitation was extended.  The Lord performed an absolute miracle in the lives of one of the families in the church and many others got some help.  People then got to testifying and it was sweet. 

I really was preparing not to preach because after all that happened it seemed to me the Lord might be done.  After several minutes Bro. Taylor was moderating from the pulpit and he looked my way.  I simply shook my head "no" trying to let him know that I did not have to preach if the Lord was done and I was ok with that.  I even got my Bible out and started looking over some verses to possibly preach a different message if he eventually did call on me to preach.  Well long-story-short, Bro. Taylor told me the people were ready for some more preaching and to come to the pulpit.  The Lord very clearly told me to preach what He originally laid on my heart several days before.  I do not say this bragging but in humble sincerity - I knew God gave me the unction to preach just as He did Bro. Evans and that He was on the message.  The altars were again full and people continued to get help.

Bro. Taylor closed out by saying some very kind words about the final messages of the tent meeting and we sure do want to make sure all the glory and honor goes to God.  It was a blessing to be a part of a great service and see God do the supernatural.

I have posted a few pictures below...
Scio, New York is about a two-hour drive southwest of Buffalo

The gospel tent set up on the grounds of Baptist Tabernacle in Scio, New York

Scio, New York is situated in the "Southern Tier" of Western New York - a beautiful place for an old-fashioned gospel tent meeting.

Evangelist David Evans and Family singing

Evangelist David Evans preaching

Another picture of the gospel tent at Baptist Tabernacle in Scio, New York