Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Cobbs

Stacie and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  We pray you are enjoying this special time of year with family and loved ones.  As Christians we know the true meaning of Christmas and we rejoice in God's love for the world in giving us a Saviour!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


This past Sunday we were at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Sanborn, New York.  This has become an annual tradition - a Sunday at Cornerstone in December.  We are there every year in June for their tent meeting.  We enjoyed some good fellowship with Pastor Jack Britt, his wife and the church folks.  The services were a little light in attendance because of a big snow storm that hit Western New York during the overnight hours on Saturday into Sunday.  Despite that, the spirit was good and there was good liberty to preach the Word of God.  We are thankful to the Cox family for allowing us to stay in their beautiful home for our visit to Sanborn.

Please pray for Bro. Britt and this great church.  They are doing a good work in the Niagara Falls area and are trying to reach the area with the gospel.  I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera so the pictures below are from the archives.

Pastor Jack Britt - Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church - Sanborn, New York

Sanborn, New York

Friday, December 20, 2013


I will be preaching this Sunday at Old Time Baptist Church in Hamburg, New York for the young couples Sunday School class as well as the morning service.

We will be at First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Franklin, Indiana and I will be preaching the Sunday School hour and the evening service.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It was our privilege to be at Bible Believer's Baptist Church in Digby, Nova Scotia for the first time back in November.  I first met Pastor Mark Thren when he was a teenager when he and his family came to sing at Old Time Baptist Church.  After not seeing him since then up until this past April when we were at another church in Nova Scotia, it was good to get reacquainted with him.  It was back in April that he invited me to preach his annual Bible conference.  He is now married and has eight children.

I preached to the church on Sunday and then every night Monday thru Friday during the Conference.  The theme for the week was the "Armor of God" and each of the preachers were assigned a specific portion of the armor to preach on.  On Friday we had an all-day preachers fellowship with many of the church members and area pastors attending.

One special treat for me was I got to preach (not once, but twice) with one of my heroes - Pastor Percy Lake, also from up there in Nova Scotia.  Many of you may know him and are aware of the terrible accident he had back in September of 2012 when he fell off a roof.  He is still recovering and has made great progress.

The meeting went well and many local pastors came out each night to support the meeting.  I also got to meet a few preachers that I have heard about for many years but have never met before.  It is always a blessing to see churches support other church's meetings.  Bro. Thren has been here for four years and is doing a great job in the Bay of Fundy coastal town there in Digby.  Nova Scotia is a very beautiful province of Canada and there are several good churches up there doing a good work for the Lord.

Nova Scotia is in Canada's southeast corner

Bible Believer's Believer's Baptist Church - Digby, Nova Scotia

Beautiful scenery all around Nova Scotia

Pastor Percy Lake and Evangelist Craig Cobb (don't get mad at me - the pose was Bro. Lake's idea!)

Pastor Mark Thren and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Bible Believer's Baptist Church - Digby, Nova Scotia

It made more sense to fly than to drive the 4,000-mile round trip!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


While we were traveling to Pastor Lovell's funeral Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer from First Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church and I were talking and he asked me if we had any time available after the funeral to come and be with them.  Franklin, Indiana is only a couple of hours from where the funeral was and we did have a couple of weeks off so we were thankful for the chance to go.  I preached in a few of the services and also at the Thursday Men's Bible Study.

We always enjoy our time there and the fellowship with Pastor Kirchmeyer, his wife and family and the folks of the church.  I have known the Kirchmeyer's since I was about 8 years old and he was my first Sunday School teacher in church.  They have been a real blessing to us over the years and we are thankful for our friendship with them.

Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Franklin, Indiana (courtesy

Saturday, December 14, 2013


During the meeting at Sempronius Baptist Church back in October I received a phone call informing me that Pastor Craig Lovell of Liberty Baptist Church in Miamisburg, Ohio went home to be with the Lord.  Pastor Vane Bush and I preached the church's 25th anniversary camp meeting back in July.  A few days after the meeting Bro. Lovell got sick and went in the hospital.  Nobody expected that he would never preach again or come home from the hospital but that is exactly what the Lord's will turned out to be.  Bro. Lovell was a dear friend for many, many years and I am so thankful to have been able to go to the wake and the funeral.

A huge honor was that I was asked to preach the first church service after Bro. Lovell's graduation.  I preached the Sunday School hour and Pastor Dennis Hicks from Sweetwater, Tennessee preached the morning service.  The viewing was Sunday night and the funeral was Monday morning.

The entire church felt the tremendous loss but for a lot of people in the church Bro. Lovell was the only pastor they ever had.  The funeral was a very powerful time of worship to the Lord and honor for Pastor Lovell.  His dear wife, Sugi, gave the final testimony and the Lord smiled on her and the presence of God moved in in a great way.  Myself and six other men were asked to speak for a few minutes and Pastor Cliff Parks gave the message.

Please be in prayer for Liberty Baptist Church as they are now in the process of finding God's will in selecting their next pastor.

Pastor Craig and Mrs. Sugi Lovell - Liberty Baptist Church - Miamisburg, Ohio

Friday, December 13, 2013


It was good to be back for our second meeting at Sempronius Baptist Church in Moravia, New York where Dennis Grimes is the pastor.  You talk about a country church - this sure is one!  It was started in 1791 and  has a long history of standing for the Bible.  The theme for the week was "Press On".  On Sunday we had the morning services and an old-fashioned "dinner on the grounds" with an afternoon service.  They actually do this every week and it is what a lot of the churches used to do way back when.

The services during the week were good with people and pastors from many area churches in attendance.  Again this year the church hosted a youth rally on Friday night at the close of the meeting.  I believe over 100 young people from churches as far as two hours away were in attendance.  Many of them I remember from last year.  As is common at this time of year with the weather changing, some people were out sick and some were battling colds, but despite that we had a good meeting and the Lord blessed.

PRESS ON - the theme for the week

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastor Dennis Grimes

Sempronius Baptist Church - Moravia, New York

Sempronius Baptist Church - Moravia, New York

Moravia, New York - courtesy of

Thursday, December 12, 2013


We had the privilege of being at Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Elbridge, New York - October 9-13.  I have known Pastor George Burkinshaw for many years, although not very well.  It was good to spend a time of fellowship with he and his wife every day and get to know them better.  His church loves preaching and the Lord moved in the services.  Bro. Burkinshaw told me the Lord really worked some things out during the meeting that he has been dealing with over the last year - PRAISE GOD!!!  There was some good special music and some local pastors came out and supported the meeting which is always a blessing.  We are thankful for what the Lord did and look forward to being back in November, 2014 for another meeting.

Calvary Bible Baptist Church - Elbridge, New York

Pastor George Burkinshaw and Associate Pastor Eric Richards

Calvary Bible Baptist Church - Elbridge, New York

Calvary Bible Baptist Church - Elbridge, New York

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastgor George Burkinshaw

Elbridge, New York. Image courtesy of TownMapsUsa.comb

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH - Clarkston, Michigan

This past week (December 1-8) we were at Victory Baptist Church in Clarkston, Michigan for their annual revival meeting.  Pastor Bob Nogalski and I have been good friends for many years and it was good to be back there again.  The preachers for the week were:
  • Evangelist Craig Cobb (Hamburg, New York)
  • Evangelist Bob Foltz (Toledo. Ohio)
  • Evangelist Mark McGaughey (Pell City, Alabama)
  • Evangelist Charlie Tenney (Flatwoods, West Virginia)
The Nogalski children sang lots of special music during the meeting as well as did other members of the church and it added a lot to the meeting.  Bro. Nogalski said all of the preaching was good and a help to the church.  This was our second year being a part of this meeting and we are looking forward to next year.  I would encourage anybody who could possibly make it to their annual "Beggars Meeting" to do so.  It is a great camp meeting-style meeting and you would get a blessing from it.  The dates are May 4-9, 2014.

Good congregational music

Pastor Bob Nogalski - Victory Baptist Church - Clarkston, Michigan

Susanna & Kezia Nogalski and Christa Duty singing special music

The Evans Family sang Thursday and Friday night

Evangelist Charlie Tenney

Evangelist Mark McGaughey

Clarkston, Michigan (courtesy of

Evangelist Craig Cobb, Pastor Bob Nogalski, Evangelist Bob Foltz

Monday, December 9, 2013


I want to thank all of those who prayed for the purchase of our new motor home (RV).  If you have followed the blog and our prayer letters, you are aware of what the Lord has been doing.  I am happy to report to you that the Lord blessed in a MIRACULOUS way and we are now in possession of a 1997 Newmar Mountain Aire bus!!!  Many people prayed and gave sacrificially towards this and from the bottom of our hearts, Stacie and I say a big THANK YOU to each and every one who had a part - whether it was prayerfully or financially or both.  I do not mean to slight anybody who gave and I hope nobody feels that way, but I want to give a special mention of the First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church of Franklin, Indiana and Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer.  This church - through special offerings and individual gifts and a lot of effort - gave over half of the money towards the motor home.  Several churches gave wide-ranging amounts and it is all appreciated.

We picked up the bus in Summerville, South Carolina Thanksgiving week and made it safely to Indiana where the bus will stay until we pick it up after Christmas and head to our first meeting of 2014 in Florida.  I want to make special mention also of the dear folks who we purchased it from - Evangelist Bill and Mrs. Naomi Pittsenbarger.  They have been in evangelism for well over 40 years and are wonderful folks.  We had never met or heard of them until August when we found out about the bus.  Because of health issues, he is not able to travel any more therefore the need to sell it.  We have become good friends these last months and we are so grateful for all they did for us in getting the unit ready for us to pick up.

Let me say that it is exciting and intense driving a 41-foot aircraft carrier (haha!!) down the interstate and even more exciting driving it through small towns.  When we first started in evangelism 12 years ago we had a 28-foot camper which at the time was a decent size.  However, going from 28-foot long / 8-foot wide / 10-feet tall to 41-foot long / 8.5-foot wide / 12-feet tall takes it to a whole new dimension!!!  I am so thankful for safety on our trip to pick it up.

Again - thank you to EVERYBODY who helped and we ask for your continued prayers for the bus to run well and for me as I learn all there is to learn in operating and maintaining it.

Behind the wheel of the "big rig" our first day of driving

I get to pull in with the "big boys" for diesel fuel.  (And pay "big boy prices" too!!!)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

HORNELL BIBLE CHURCH - October 6, 2013

Pastor Troy Kahler has been at Hornell Bible Church for a couple of years now.  I met him last year at a meeting I was preaching in Sanborn, New York.  For the last couple of years he has been coming out and supporting the meeting at Buck Settlement.  This year he asked me if I would preach for him on a Sunday morning after the meeting at Buck Settlement.  I greatly appreciated the invitation and it is always a blessing to be in a new place.

I preached in the Sunday School hour and the morning service.  There was a good spirit in the services and the folks were so friendly to us and made us feel welcome.  Bro. Kahler is a good man and I am excited about this church's future!

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastor Troy Kahler

Hornell Bible Church - Hornell, New York

Hornell Bible Church - Hornell, New York

Friday, December 6, 2013


I will be posting some updates over the next few days to get everybody up to speed on where we have been...

Every year on the last Sunday in September we are at Buck Settlement Baptist Church in Bath, New York for their annual Harvest Revival.  Evangelist Gary Lutrick and I are the preachers for the week.  This meeting is always a good one and this year was no exception.  This is a good country church that loves worship and preaching.  There was good liberty in each and every service.  Pastor Greg Ferguson kind of mixed it up a little this year and instead of us both preaching each service, we preached every other night.

Bro. Lutrick ended up having to leave the meeting early and fly home because his wife ended up in the hospital.  I am glad to get to preach but I sure hated that it worked out that way.  I am happy to say the Mrs. Lutrick is now doing fine and we praise the Lord for it.

Buck Settlement Baptist Church - Bath, New York

Thursday, December 5, 2013

PRAYER LETTER - October/November, 2013


Dear Friends,

Psalm 69:30 says “I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.”  Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving and let me tell you the Cobb’s sure do have a LOT to be thankful for.  If you recall from our last letter we asked you to be in prayer for the Lord’s will concerning getting a motorhome.  Well the Lord blessed in a miraculous—and I do mean miraculous way and two days before Thanksgiving we picked up our 41-foot 1997 Newmar Mountain Aire!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!  The Lord provided and we are thankful to each and everyone who prayed for this and to those who gave financially.  Our first trip out with it will be when we head to Florida at the beginning of January.  Please continue to pray the Lord will take care of this precious gift.  We purchased the motorhome from Evangelist Bill Pittsenbarger and his wife, Naomi.  They have been in evangelism for over 40 years and I would ask you to pray for him and his health.  They are sweet folks and it has been an honor to get to know them these last couple of months.  He went out of his way to get the RV ready for us and we are so grateful for his help.

For October and November we were in the following churches:
· Buck Settlement Baptist Church (Pastor Greg Ferguson) - Bath, New York (revival)
· Calvary Bible Baptist Church (Pastor George Burkinshaw) - Elbridge, New York (revival)
· Sempronius Baptist Church (Pastor Dennis Grimes) - Moravia, New York (revival)
· First Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church (Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer) - Franklin, Indiana (services)
· Bible Believer’s Baptist Church (Pastor Mark Thren) - Digby, Nova Scotia (Bible Conference)

The Lord really blessed in these meetings and I am thankful for Him helping me to preach and helping Stacie to sing in some of the services.  We really did see the hand of God move in a big way.  What a blessing!!!

Schedule for December:
· Victory Baptist Church (Pastor Bob Nogalski) - Clarkston, Michigan (revival)
· Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Jack Britt) - Sanborn, New York (Sunday)

We are looking forward to being home for Christmas to see our families and church family and then will head back out on the road right after Christmas to start the 2014 schedule.  We look forward to seeing many of you in our travels.  It is our prayer that you enjoy the Christmas season and are busy serving the Lord!

In His service,
Craig and Stacie Cobb

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!