Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here are some of the pictures from the meeting I preached a couple of weeks ago at Old Time Baptist Church in Hamburg, New York.  The complete photo gallery can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

Congregational singing

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastor Louis Gaudagno

More congregational singing

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

Associate Pastor Lou Guadagno
Choose to serve the Lord

Assistant Pastor Pete Guadagno leading the singing
Theme for the week - "The Valley of Decision"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OLD PATHS BAPTIST CHURCH - Parkesburg, Pennsylvania

This past weekend I traveled to Parkesburg, Pennsylvania to preach at Old Paths Baptist Church.  Pastor Mike Keenan and his son, Matt, were on a missions trip to the Philippines.  If you noticed - I said "I" made the trip.  This is because Stacie has been sick for a couple of weeks and is on the mend - slowly...very slowly.  She missed the entire meeting I preached at Old Time and then only made it to one service last week at New Hope.  I miss my wife when she is not with me and I am thankful for the special lady God has blessed me with!  The viruses that are in the news and all over the country have greatly affected church attendance every place we have been the past three months or so.

Bro. Keenan has been a dear friend for about twenty years and it was good to be back at Old Paths to see the folks again.  If memory serves, this was the fourth visit to this church.  I have preached one meeting there and then a couple of Sundays.  We had good services in the morning and evening and the Lord gave great liberty to preach.  It was a blessing to hear some folks say the messages were a help.

Please pray for the Keenans and their time over in the Philippines these next few days.

Old Paths Baptist Church - Parkesburg, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Lord gave us a tremendous meeting last week at New Hope Baptist Church in Collins, New York.  It was their annual winter revival.  Evangelist Don Hardman and I have been preaching this meeting since it began back in 2004.  Pastor Jack Seiler is out of our church - Old Time Baptist Church.

Every year Bro. Hardman prays for the theme and this year it was "More Than Conquerors" out of Romans 8:37.  The Lord was trying to get some things across to His people in the messages concerning living the Christian life the way God wants us to live - in VICTORY!  We are not talking about the false "prosperity doctrine" being preached in a lot of the Charismatic circles, but rather the fact that God has saved and delivered us and He wants to live in victory - over sin, the flesh and the world.  The Word of God is a book of VICTORY.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord always seems to fit the messages together in meetings like this.  Bro. Hardman and I do not discuss and plan ahead of time what each is preaching.  We both do our best to pray and rely on the Lord to bring it together and He did just that!  It was a much needed meeting in so many ways for so many people.  Pastor Seiler was very encouraged as he saw the "big picture" of the meeting and what the Lord was doing in the services as well as behind the scenes.

Several area churches came out and supported the meeting during the week.  Three churches (including Old Time) brought their mid-week services: two on Wednesday and one on Thursday.  A few families from these churches were faithful to each of the weeknight services.  It is always good to see churches who can work together and encourage each other in this fashion.

A few pictures of the meeting are posted below.  If you would like to see the complete photo gallery of the meeting CLICKING HERE.

Theme for the meeting

Pastor Jack Seiler - New Hope Baptist Church - Collins, NY

Group from New Hope singing special music

Evangelist Don Hardman preaching

"Sounds of Praise" from Old Time Baptist Church

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

Micah Seiler singing special music

New Hope Baptist Church - Collins, New York

New Hope Baptist Church - Collins, New York

Evangelist Don Hardman, Pastor Jack Seiler, Evangelist Craig Cobb

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Our current prayer letter (it covers December 2012 and January 2013) is now posted.  You can view it by CLICKING HERE.

If you would like to receive our prayer letter via email or through the mail (or both) simply email your preference to me.  You can email me clicking here.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Our next meeting begins this Sunday, February 17th and goes thru Friday, February 22nd.  We will be at New Hope Baptist Church in Collins, New York.  This church is only about 15 miles from our house.  I believe this will be our 9th year in a row here.  Pastor Jack Seiler is a missionary out of our home church.  This is a special meeting because I get to preach each night with my friend Evangelist Don Hardman. 

As always, we are praying for a great week and for the Lord to do some special things.  Please pray along with us if you would.


The Lord gave us a good meeting at Old Time this week.  It was a blessing to preach a revival for the first time at the home church.  God gave me the theme a couple of weeks ago while we were down in Alabama - The Valley of Decision out of Joel 3:14.  There was a good spirit in all of the services and as always the Lord helped me preach.  Our church is very busy throughout the year and it was a blessing to see the people faithful to the services.  We always enjoy coming home and to be able to preach a meeting at Old Time was a thrill and an honor I will never forget.

I preached the following sermons:
   Choose Life
   Choose Right
   Choose to Wake Up
   Choose to Serve God
   Choose to Know God

We have been at Old Time for over 21 years.  They have done so much for us over the years in supporting us and being a help in so many ways.  My preacher - Pastor Lou Guadagno - has been like a father to me and I love him with all my heart.  What a blessing and encouragement he has been to Stacie and myself.

Stacie usually takes a lot of the pictures but she was sick and actually ended up missing the entire meeting.  Our church photographer took a bunch and I am waiting to get his from him.  When I receive them I will post them and let you know.

Theme for the meeting at Old Time Baptist Church - The Valley of Decision

Friday, February 8, 2013


We arrived home last night and are thankful for a safe trip back from Alabama.  We enjoyed our time there visiting some new churches (getting to preach in one of them) as well as churches we have been to before.  A big 'thank you' to our friends - Evangelist David Evans and his family - for letting us stay in their motor home while there.

I am excited to be able to preach a revival meeting at our home church (Old Time Baptist Church - Pastor Lou Guadagno) starting this Sunday and going thru Wednesday.  I have preached at Old Time literally hundreds of times, but this is the first meeting I have had there.  Pastor Guadagno asked me back in June of last year to work out a date and it is now upon us.  Please be in prayer for the services.  God has given me a specific theme and direction for the week and I am asking and expecting God to do some great and mighty things.

The services will be live streamed:
Sunday School - 10:00am
Sunday Morning - 11:05am
Sunday Evening - 6:30pm
Monday thru Wednesday - 7:00pm

Church website - CLICK HERE
Live streaming (at the above listed times) - CLICK HERE


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd - After the morning service at Central and quick lunch at Pastor Thorn's house, Bro. Evans, his wife, Stacie and myself headed from Lanett, Alabama to Villa Rica, Georgia to be at Happy Valley Baptist Church where Eddie Wyatt is the pastor.  Bro. Wyatt and I were together in the meeting in Cape Coral, Florida back in January and he invited me to preach for him.  He mentioned to me that their missions revival would start the next night.

I have known Bro. Wyatt for about 15 years but this was our first time at his church.  It was a blessing to get to meet these folks and we enjoyed a great service.  The congregational singing was lively and worshipful.  Bro. Wyatt's son, Levi, and his wife sang the special music and there was a good stirring as they sang.  Several people came to the altar while they were singing.  I sat in my seat praying for God to make it clear what to do because I sure did not want to hinder anything.  The Lord gave good liberty to preach and the Holy Spirit was working in a big way in the hearts of the people.  The altars were full during the invitation and Bro. Wyatt said some very kind words at the end of the service.  Bro. Wyatt invited us to come back in the future and we are looking forward to returning.

Bro. Evans and I went back over on Tuesday evening for their missions revival.  Church planter Harvey Ware was the preacher for the week and it was a good service.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

UNEXPECTED STOP & VEHICLE ISSUES - Central Baptist Church - Lanett, Alabama

Our original plan was to head to Villa Rica, Georgia this past Sunday to be at Happy Valley Baptist Church.  I was scheduled to preach in the evening service there.  However - the Lord had other plans.  We still made it to Happy Valley and that update will be coming up tomorrow.

I will give you the short version of what happened.  Our van developed a transmission leak a week ago today.  Bro. Evans' cousin is a master mechanic who owns his own business but he could not look at the van until after the weekend on Monday.  Bro. Evans was willing to drive us to Villa Rica and we are so thankful for that.  We ended up going with them to their sending church for the Sunday morning service.  After we arrived, Pastor Jeff Thorn asked me if I would preach the morning service.  I was grateful for the invitation and we had a good service.

Pastor Thorn shared our van situation with the church and they took up an offering to help out.  By and by, the transmission problem ended up being a bad rear seal and was a relatively easy and inexpensive fix.  The offering was more than enough to cover the cost of the repair.  We are thankful to the the gracious folks at Central Baptist Church!

Friday, February 1, 2013


This Sunday, February 3rd we will go to Villa Rica, Georgia. I was with Pastor Eddie Wyatt down in Florida in January in a camp meeting together. While we were there Bro. Wyatt asked me to stop by and preach for him on our way back to New York. Please pray as I preach in the evening service to start off their missions conference.


We have been in Alabama for a couple of weeks now and have had the privilege of visiting three churches and preaching in one.

On Sunday morning, January 20th we went to Sardis Hill Baptist Church in Piedmont. This was a great little county church and we enjoyed meeting the people. Not counting Bro. Evans, his family and us there was about 7 people there. They love The Lord and sure do love church.

That evening we went to Reheboth Baptist Church in Boaz. Bro. Evans preached that night and the pastor, David Sauls, invited me back to preach that following Wednesday. We enjoyed going back and had good services both nights.

Last Sunday we went to Central Bapist Church in Lanett, Alabama. This is Bro. Evans' sending church. It was good to see Pastor Jeff Thorn and the folks there again. We enjoyed a good morning service, dinner on the grounds and then the afternoon service.