Saturday, June 30, 2012


It is a blessing to be starting another meeting tomorrow!!!  After a few days off and traveling, it is time to get back at it again. 

Tomorrow is the beginning of the 24th annual camp meeting at Liberty Baptist Church here in Moraine, Ohio.  Stacie and I enjoyed a good time of fellowship this afternoon when Pastor & Mrs. Lovell picked us up at the motel and we went out for a nice meal.  We were excited to hear how the church has grown since we were here last (two years ago for this meeting) and we look forward to meeting the new folks tomorrow. 

Please join with us in prayer for this week.  I am really expecting and anticipating for God to do a great work this week.  It's a camp meeting but we always pray for revival to take place in the hearts and lives of God's people.  As a preacher and man of God I have traveled from Nova Scotia, Canada to St. Lucia in the Caribbean since the first of this year (and many points in between).  My, how the need for revival is so evident in our churches.  Church members need revival.  Pastors need revival and encouragement.  Missionaries need revival.  Evangelists need revival. 

A seasoned evangelist and friend of mine, Jack Parchman, used to have this slogan on his stationary and his tent truck - "Revival: our one need for today".  While Bro. Parchman has been in heaven for over five years, that one need he referred to has only increased in these last days.  While you may think your spiritual situation is unique, let me assure you that the needs and problems are the same every where.  The names, locations and specific circumstances may vary, but the need is the same no matter where we go. 

I am really burdened to see a moving of God in these final hours until the Lord comes and gets us out of here.  I fear that there is much more judgment of God on His church before He comes back.  Yes, we know that the trumpet may blow at any second, but I honestly believe God will be dealing with His people some more regarding their lack of being good stewards and their disobedience to Him.  Whether the rapture happens today or a hundred years from today one thing remains sure: God's people are to obey and follow Him and there are consequences for disobedience.

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
              -II Chronicles 7:14

Friday, June 29, 2012


Our next meeting begins this Sunday at Liberty Baptist Church in Moraine, Ohio (just west of Dayton a few miles).  The annual camp meeting the week of July 4th is also the church's anniversary.  This year they are celebrating 24 years.

We have been to Liberty many times over the last 11 years and have preached there in meetings as well.  It is going to be good to be back there and see all the folks again.  Pastor and Mrs. Craig Lovell are dear people who have given their lives for this church since it began.  We are looking forward to a great week of meeting with God and praying HE does some great and marvelous things.  I will be posting occasional updates on the blog as well as Twitter.

Link to Liberty Baptist Church website
Link to Camp Meeting info
Pastor & Mrs. Craig Lovell - Liberty Baptist Church - Moraine, Ohio

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Personal Post Today - "FAM TIME"

If you have been following, you know that it has been a very busy time for us this year.  We have only been home and not in meetings about three weeks since Christmas.  We leave again tomorrow for another couple of months and will not return back until our camp meeting at Old Time in late August.  That being said, we have enjoyed being home and spending time with our family.

Stacie was able to visit with her grandmother last week - time that she treasures dearly because of two reasons. First, we are not home like we used to be so she only gets to see her a few hours whenever we are in town. And second, her grandmother turned 90 last year so as she gets up in years Stacie really values each visit.

Due to a weather-related accident over 4 years ago that destroyed their home, my mom and niece have lived with us ever since.  Because we have traveled so much the last few years my mom jokes about us living with them and we have a great time together when we are home.

All that being said, we spent yesterday and today together just goofing off and having a big time.  We have been shopping and sightseeing.  Today we went down to the waterfront in Buffalo.  Our original plan was to eat at a restaurant at the mouth of the Buffalo River called "The Hatch".  It's a burger joint with good food.

While we were sitting and eating lunch at the picnic table watching the boats we noticed a little tour boat called the Queen City Ferry.  None of us had ever seen this particular boat before, so I whipped out the old trusty iPhone and looked them up on the web.  Well long-story-short, after we finished eating we walked down and waited to take a boat ride.  There were only about 10 people total including us and the three of us had the back of the boat all to ourselves.  The ride lasted an hour and went inland on the river then out on Lake Erie and into the Erie Basin Marina. We got to see some Buffalo landmarks: the NFTA train terminal, General Mills where Cheerios and Lucky Charms are made, the Edward Cotter fire boat, the Lake Erie lighthouse, First Niagara Center where the Buffalo Sabres play, the Skyway and much more.

There was a bit of excitement when a young girl on board lost her flip-flop overboard as we began to enter the Lake.  The crew of two men (one captain and one assistant) provided much entertainment in attempting to retrieve the lost shoe.  We backed up, moved forward and turned around.  After trying everything from leaning over and retrieving it by hand to using the fire bucket, the assistant grabbed a pole with a hook on it and successfully snagged it.  This little girl was so happy that she didn't face the rest of the day barefoot or with only one shoe!

Anyways, enough reading.  I hope you enjoy a sampling of the pictures I took below.  I posted more on our Photobucket site.  Click here to see more pictures of our day on the Buffalo waterfront (Gallery on Photobucket).

Buffalo Lighthouse

Don't Feed The Birds!
Where the Buffalo River meets Lake Erie

Buffalo City Hall

USS Little Rock at the Buffalo Naval Park

What put Buffalo on the World's Map

HSBC Tower - Buffalo's tallest building

Commercial Slip - Buffalo Canalside

Another way Buffalo became famous

Queen City Ferry - an enjoyable, hour-long boat ride (and cheap too! Only $8 per person)

Stacie made me get my picture taken!

General Mills - where Cheerios and Lucky Charms are made - see, Buffalo is important!

Buffalo fire boat - Edward Cotter

The Hatch Restaurant at the Erie Basin Marina - good hot dogs (Sahlens, of course!) burgers, fries and onion rings

US Border Patrol

America, America - God shed His grace on thee!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Now on Photobucket - our online photo galleries

I seem to have been having problems getting my Flickr account up and running so I have just decided to try another online photostream.  That being said we are now up and running on Photobucket.  I have uploaded some albums for you to check out and posted the links below.  I have posted a permanent link to our main Photobucket site on the home page of the blog.  When I upload a new album, I will post an update.  I hope you enjoy the pics!

Link to Evangelist Craig Cobb's Photobucket photostream

Album's on Photobucket (each line is a direct link to that particular photo album)
-Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church Tent Revival 2012
-First Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Summer Revival 2012
-Old Time Baptist Church Building Dedication
-Sebec Corner Baptist Church 2012
-Second Baptist Church (Palermo, Maine) 2012
-Victory Baptist Church 2012


What a blessing to be back at Victory Baptist Church in Fredonia, New York.  Pat Burke has been pastoring this church for 11 years.  They have seen folks added to the church as well as purchased and renovated a building that is now their permanent home.  Bro. Burke sure has a pastor's heart.  I have had the privilege of preaching in this church at least once a year for many years now.

I know I say this often in our updates, but there was a great spirit in all three services.  It is something that, as a preacher, you ask the Lord for earnestly in leading up the meeting.  There are few things worse than preaching in a service where there is no liberty.

The highlight of the day was a young man (19 years old) coming forward during the morning service and trusting Christ.  And let me stress that he BELIEVED ON JESUS!  He was not led in a mechanical prayer or told he had to do this or that--he was led to biblical salvation by FAITH!  I asked him after the service what he did and his response was always the same - he trusted and believed on Christ. 

After the service we enjoyed a time of food and fellowship with Pastor Burke, his wife and daughters.  One of the blessings of being home for last week's meeting and yesterday was that my mom has been joining us in the services.  We have enjoyed being able to spend time with her.

After a quick trip home (and I mean quick - we were home literally 60 minutes) it was time to head back for the evening service.  It was another good time and I believe the Lord really helped some people in their personal relationships with Him.  There were good altar calls in both the morning and evening services.  All in all - it was a great Lord's day and we praise God for it.

Victory Baptist Church
10659 South Roberts Road
Fredonia, New York 14063
Pastor Patrick M. Burke

Pastor Pat Burke and myself

Victory Baptist Church in Fredonia, New York

The building they are currently in was a former antique store.  They did a great job at remodeling it and turning it into a beautiful church facility.  The picture is a little deceiving as it only shows about half of the building.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Next up - Victory Baptist Church in Fredonia, New York

Tomorrow we will be at the Victory Baptist Church in Fredonia, New York.  Pat Burke is the pastor of this fine church.  I will be preaching all three services tomorrow - Sunday school, AM and PM services.  We are praying for a good day in church.  We have been here several times over the years and it will be a blessing to be back.

DAY #6 - Tent Revival at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church

Well the final evening of the tent meeting was last night.  The last night of any meeting is always the hardest for me personally because you get to see some folks only once a year and I hate "goodbyes".

Because of an activity at the fire hall where we had the tent set up all week, we had service across the street back in the church.  I didn't get a count from Pastor Britt but I believe we had the best attendance of the week last night.

A church near Rochester brought their choir and sang some special music.  We also heard from CrossPoint String Band one final time.  Pastor Jon Jenkins preached a great message on living by faith or living by sight.  What a sad realization that the average Christian lives a majority of their life by sight.  The Lord stirred some hearts and there was a great response during the invitation.

We are already looking to next year!  The dates for 2013 are June 16-19.  I hope you have enjoyed the updates from this week.  Here are some more pics...

Pastor Jack Britt (Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church) and myself

Me standing with Bro. Ron Kosko.  Preachers all over the country know the "Book Man".  Bro. Kosko has a burden to give books and materials to preachers.  He has found lots of treasures over the years.  He's a blessing!

We had almost a full house

CrossPoint is always a blessing each year

Pastor Jon Jenkins - are you living by faith or by sight?
Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Sanborn, New York

Friday, June 22, 2012

APRIL / MAY Prayer Letter

Here is our April/May prayer letter that will be mailed to those on our mailing list.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list, simply send me your mailing information by clicking here.



Dear Friends,

It has been a very busy couple of months and we sure are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord.  We have really seen the hand of God bless and protect in the meetings these couple of months. 

On Sunday, April 1st we were at Faith Bible Baptist Church in Glens Falls, New York (Pastor Rick Yancy).  I was able to preach in all three services and the Lord blessed with a good spirit and also two young ladies trusted Christ.  We have been coming to this church for more than 15 years and are thankful for their friendship.
We then headed up to Maine for our next meetings.  From April 6-13 we were at New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft (Pastor David Ireland).  Again God blessed in a great way.  There were five precious souls saved   during the week and we praise God for it.  The church has grown since last year and we had visitors almost every night and many returned during the meeting.
April 15-19 found us at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church in McKenzie Corner, New Brunswick.  Pastor Andy Nissley recently reorganized the church and they adopted a constitution which the Lord has used to really help the church.  We had a good week and the Lord blessed during the services and gave good liberty to preach.
From April 29-May 2 we were able to be in a meeting in a new church for us.  I have known Pastor Chuck Barnes for a few years and we appreciate the invitation to preach a meeting at Second Baptist Church in Palermo, Maine.  On Sunday morning a church member got saved!  We enjoyed the fellowship with the folks in the church and Pastor Barnes was happy with the services.
On Saturday, May 5th we traveled to Amherst, Nova Scotia to preach that next day at Amherst Open Bible Baptist Church where Jamey Grooms is the pastor.  This was the first time being here and it was good to get to meet the people.  Sunday night a man trusted Christ during the invitation and we rejoiced.  Pastor Grooms has invited us back for a meeting next year and we are looking forward to it.
On Mother’s Day we were again able to be in a new church.  Pastor Isaiah Hill invited us to preach at Sebec Corner Baptist Church.   I’ve known Bro. Hill for several years and am thankful for his friendship and example.  We had a great day in church and Bro. Hill and his wife treated us like royalty.  They’ve been faithful at this church for over forty years and what a testimony they have of the blessings of God.
Sunday, May 20th found us at Bible Baptist Church in Bangor, Maine.  This was our third year in a row being with Pastor Artie Dean and his people.  We enjoyed our times of fellowship and meals with them and we enjoyed being in the services and the chance to preach.  Two teen girls came forward during the morning service and were dealt with regarding salvation and the Lord helped them with some things they were struggling with. 
We are thankful for New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine for letting us stay in their prophet’s chamber for the seven weeks we were in Maine and Canada.  They were very hospitable and we enjoyed our extended time there.
We then headed home to be at our church’s new building dedication on Friday, May 25th.  What a wonderful job our folks did remodeling the building and the dedication service was awesome.  There was great music, testimonies and preaching.  We headed out the next day to Indiana for our next meeting and will update about that in the next letter.
I want to let you know that there are now two ways to keep up to date with us.  We have created a “blog” on the internet that we are trying to keep updated regularly.  You can sign up to follow it so that you will be notified via email of an update so that will prevent you from having to remember to check back often.  We give updates on the meetings and places we go and also we post some highlight pictures.  Simply go to the following website to sign up and check it out:

The next way you can follow us is on Twitter.  I have toyed with the idea over time about using Twitter.  I know some people have varying opinions on the social networking issue and trust me, I have my opinions too and believe about 95% of it is no good.  I have been back on Twitter for about a year now and am using it as a ministry tool for updates with the occasional personal tweet.  I do not use it to tell the world when I blow my nose, what I ate for breakfast and so on (I think you get the picture!).  With that being said, if you are on Twitter and would like to follow  - my user name is @EvangCraigCobb.

We look forward to a busy summer with meetings in Indiana, New York, Ohio, West Virginia and back up in Maine.  Of course our annual camp meeting is August 19-24 and we will see many of you there.  Please pray with us that God continues to use us to be a help and encouragement in the churches and places we go.

Looking for His return,
Craig Cobb

DAY #5 - Tent Revival at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church (PART TWO)


It was another hot night in Sanborn this evening.  The temperature at service time was 89 degrees!  There was a 107 in attendance under the gospel tent tonight.  That is not the highest of the week, but what a crowd!  Again there weres visitors from the neighborhood joining us. 

Special music tonight was provided by the choir from First Bible Baptist Church in Lockport, New York where Scott Strobel is the pastor.  The choir sang several upbeat and old-fashioned songs that were a blessing to all who were listening.  Just before the message, we heard from the CrossPoint String Band.  It never ceases to amaze me how they play all those instruments - mandolins, dobro, guitar, banjo and the stand-up bass.

The preacher for tonight was Pastor Jon Jenkins of Grace Baptist Church in Gaylord, Michigan.  Bro. Jenkins preached from Acts 14 on how Paul was stoned.  The principal is that he was knocked down and we all face some difficult times in life.  In order to get over these times we need to be surrounded by the saints.  When we see the people hurting, we need to be there to help them not hurt them.  We need to remember that when it's our turn to be knocked down we are going to want the help of the brethren.  It was one of those messages where people may not have needed it tonight, but they're going to need it in the future.  We may not be going through a storm now but we sure will sooner or later in life.  It seemed that many people got help and were encouraged.

Evangelist David Mizell from Frewsburg, New York.  In the ministry for 40 years!

Sharon Cox (left) with my wife, Stacie

Pastor Jon Jenkins and myself

A nearly-full tent!

First Bible Baptist Church Choir from Lockport, New York

Pastor Jon Jenkins from Grace Baptist Church in Gaylord, Michigan

Thursday, June 21, 2012

DAY #5 - Tent Revival at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church - PART ONE


The final morning service of the tent revival took place today.  As usual we had a delicious breakfast and good fellowship downstairs in the church.  There were three preachers this morning and the messages were a blessing.

First up was Evangelist Thaddeus Kuntz out of Lighthouse Baptist Church in North Tonawanda, New York.  The message was entitled "More Than Enough" and centered around how we get anxious over things that we should not worry about or concern ourselves with.

The second message was brought by David Bern, Assistant Pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church in North Tonawanda, New York.  It was a great message out of Isaiah chapter 6 and entitled "The Upward Look, Inward Look, and Outward Look".  We need to look to Christ first and then search our hearts.  After we do that, we can look to where God wants us to go and what He has called us to do.

The final message was preached by one of the men in the church on the "Simplicity of Christ".  He pointed out how we get so caught up in the administration of our work (pastoring, ministering and so on) that we forget about the spirit of our work.  We make life so needlessly complicated sometimes in ways that Christ never intended it to be.  The ministry is all about HIM - nothing more and nothing less. 

It was good to have Missionary Marty Roberts (Honduras) and Mrs. Richard Rawls in the morning service again

Evangelist Thaddeus Kuntz

Associate Pastor David Bern

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DAY #4 - Tent Revival at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church


Today began with a southern breakfast at the tent meeting.  Biscuits & gravy, eggs, grits, cheese and more (all homemade, I might ad!) covered the table in the fellowship hall.  The meal was delicious and the fellowship was great.

There were three great messages preached this morning.  First up was Pastor Robert Neisen from Open Bible Baptist Church in Tonawanda, New York.  Pastor Neisen preached a great message out of Exodus on "How To Make It Thru the Wilderness".  He used the children of Israel leaving Egypt and how God provided in miraculous ways.

The second preacher of the day was Pastor David Costantino of Lighthouse Baptist Church in North Tonawanda, New York  He had an unusual title for his message - "Your Spiritual Credit Score" and he preached on the importance of a good testimony.  Everyone of us have a testimony: in the workplace, in our community, in our family, in our church and so on.  Our testimony is our credibility.  An important statement that was made was how we need to protect our testimony as well as the testimony of others.

The closing message of the morning was brought by Evangelist Dan Martin and entitled "Just Where Are You Walking?" from Philippians chapter 3.  The order of the messages and the messages themselves were ordered by the Lord as Bro. Martin's message fit perfectly with Bro. Costantino's.  We need to be careful what we use as a guide for how we walk, we need to make sure we pick the right example and then we need to be careful what we glory in.  How we walk will determine our testimony.

Pastor Robert Neisen - Open Bible Baptist Church - Tonawanda, New York

Pastor David Costantino - Lighthouse Baptist Church - North Tonawanda, New York

Evangelist Dan Martin
Link to Open Bible Baptist Church - Tonawanda, NY
Link to Lighthouse Baptist Church - North Tonawanda, NY


IT WAS A HOT ONE TONIGHT!  At the beginning of the service (7:00pm) it was 91 degrees in Sanborn.  Of course we don't expect anything different for tent meetings and the first day of summer!  The Cornerstone Choir opened the service followed by some congregational music. 

Being Wednesday night it was pretty much the "home crowd" with folks being in their regular churches.  We do praise the Lord there still were some folks from the community in attendance as well as a missionary family going to Peru who stopped in.

After some special music from the CrossPoint String Band, Bro. Martin preached "part 2" to last night's message on SOME THINGS THAT WILL STOP REVIVAL.  After the four kings got rid of the high places, each one did something that caused the great revival in the land to cease.  Those things are: quit relying on God; ungodly alliances; complacency; and pride.  It is not enough to get rid of the high places - we need to guard some things after God sends revival so that that spirit of revival does not get hindered.  As has been the case all week, there was a good crowd at the altar during the invitation.

The last morning service of the week will be tomorrow and I am praying for a good day with God's people.

Old-fashioned singing!

Myself and Jeremiah Britt (Pastor Britt's son)

The benefits of running the sound equipment on a hot day: a fan and access to electricity!

It's always good being under the gospel tent!

The church is always thankful for those who give to help with the meeting.

Evangelist Dan Martin preaching on some things that hinder revival