Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DAY #4 - Tent Revival at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church


Today began with a southern breakfast at the tent meeting.  Biscuits & gravy, eggs, grits, cheese and more (all homemade, I might ad!) covered the table in the fellowship hall.  The meal was delicious and the fellowship was great.

There were three great messages preached this morning.  First up was Pastor Robert Neisen from Open Bible Baptist Church in Tonawanda, New York.  Pastor Neisen preached a great message out of Exodus on "How To Make It Thru the Wilderness".  He used the children of Israel leaving Egypt and how God provided in miraculous ways.

The second preacher of the day was Pastor David Costantino of Lighthouse Baptist Church in North Tonawanda, New York  He had an unusual title for his message - "Your Spiritual Credit Score" and he preached on the importance of a good testimony.  Everyone of us have a testimony: in the workplace, in our community, in our family, in our church and so on.  Our testimony is our credibility.  An important statement that was made was how we need to protect our testimony as well as the testimony of others.

The closing message of the morning was brought by Evangelist Dan Martin and entitled "Just Where Are You Walking?" from Philippians chapter 3.  The order of the messages and the messages themselves were ordered by the Lord as Bro. Martin's message fit perfectly with Bro. Costantino's.  We need to be careful what we use as a guide for how we walk, we need to make sure we pick the right example and then we need to be careful what we glory in.  How we walk will determine our testimony.

Pastor Robert Neisen - Open Bible Baptist Church - Tonawanda, New York

Pastor David Costantino - Lighthouse Baptist Church - North Tonawanda, New York

Evangelist Dan Martin
Link to Open Bible Baptist Church - Tonawanda, NY
Link to Lighthouse Baptist Church - North Tonawanda, NY


IT WAS A HOT ONE TONIGHT!  At the beginning of the service (7:00pm) it was 91 degrees in Sanborn.  Of course we don't expect anything different for tent meetings and the first day of summer!  The Cornerstone Choir opened the service followed by some congregational music. 

Being Wednesday night it was pretty much the "home crowd" with folks being in their regular churches.  We do praise the Lord there still were some folks from the community in attendance as well as a missionary family going to Peru who stopped in.

After some special music from the CrossPoint String Band, Bro. Martin preached "part 2" to last night's message on SOME THINGS THAT WILL STOP REVIVAL.  After the four kings got rid of the high places, each one did something that caused the great revival in the land to cease.  Those things are: quit relying on God; ungodly alliances; complacency; and pride.  It is not enough to get rid of the high places - we need to guard some things after God sends revival so that that spirit of revival does not get hindered.  As has been the case all week, there was a good crowd at the altar during the invitation.

The last morning service of the week will be tomorrow and I am praying for a good day with God's people.

Old-fashioned singing!

Myself and Jeremiah Britt (Pastor Britt's son)

The benefits of running the sound equipment on a hot day: a fan and access to electricity!

It's always good being under the gospel tent!

The church is always thankful for those who give to help with the meeting.

Evangelist Dan Martin preaching on some things that hinder revival

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