Sunday, January 5, 2014


I posted this on my Facebook page but for those who may not have Facebook or didn't see it....

We were involved in a car accident this afternoon on Interstate 75 in Ocala, Florida. We were on our way to our first meeting if 2014. We had just got on the interstate when a man in a pickup truck fell asleep and side-swiped us. This sent us careening off the road about 50 feet. It is only a miracle of God we did not roll the car. God brought the car to rest less than one inch shy of a concrete pad with solar equipment on it. If we would have kept going and hit the solar panels (on Stacie's side if the car) I believe the results could have been very much worse than they were. 

Both of us were and are fine - again that was very miraculous. The vehicle we were driving was a rental and totaled on the driver's side. Two other cars and a motorhome saw the accident and stopped to help us. The driver of the vehicle that hit us stopped. He was ok as well as his family who were with him. He ended up being able to drive away. 

We were at the scene for 2 hours and AAA towed the vehicle two hours away to the Orlando Airport. We hit the road with a replacement vehicle five hours after the accident. The rental car company treated us very well and was genuinely concerned about our well being. 

We thank you for those who knew and have prayed. I am sure we are going to wake up in the morning very sore but praise The Lord we are alive. I am not trying to be dramatic but after looking at how the accident played out with traffic and a couple of other factors present, I am convinced the Cobb's came very close to death today. 

God is good and I was able to get a good gospel witness in to the flatbed driver. The Lord is in control of all things and He knows all about the "why's" of today. I am not going to question or wonder. 

Please pray for all of the details with the rental and insurance companies that will have to be sorted out in the coming days. 

We are looking forward to seeing God bless in our meeting this week at New Testament Baptist Church here in Cape Coral, Florida.