Sunday, October 28, 2012

SEMPRONIUS BAPTIST CHURCH FALL REVIVAL - Sempronius, New York - October 21-26, 2012

What a tremendous meeting the Lord gave us at the Sempronius Baptist Church.  This is the first time we have been with Pastor Dennis Grimes and this great country church.  We enjoyed meeting and getting to know the folks here very much.  This church was started in 1797 and has a rich and extended history.  One interesting fact is that John D. Rockefeller's parents were married in this church. 

The meeting started on Sunday with dinner on the grounds and an afternoon service.  Then Monday thru Friday night we had supper and then the evening services.  I am thankful for good liberty to preach and God gave a good response during the invitations.  There was lots of good special music provided by folks in the church.  It was encouraging to hear the "Amen's" shouted out during the messages.  Another blessing was all of the support from several area churches.  Each night there were people from other churches in attendance and several pastors from those churches.  I am guessing about seven or eight churches supported the meeting through Thursday night.

A special blessing I would like to mention is that on Thursday night Pastor David Dunbar and his wife, Debbie, from Freedom Baptist Church in Auburn, New York came out to the meeting.  Bro. Dunbar was my pastor at the church we were in before coming to Old Time Baptist Church in Hamburg.  The Lord graciously led him to Auburn and four or five families (including mine) to Old Time.  I preached for Pastor Dunbar a couple of years ago and it was good to see them again.


On Friday night the church hosted a youth rally with teens and young people from 21 area churches totaling 157 people attending the service.  There was a total of 157 people in the service.  Brother Grimes has been at the church for 20 years and he reports that this was a record attendance since he has been the pastor.  A skit was put on by the teens of Sempronius as well as some special music.  The Lord really helped some folks and people flooded the altar and were down the aisles of the sanctuary during the invitation.  Four precious teenagers came forward and trusted Christ and another one was saved afterwards!

There was a time of fellowship, refreshments and a big bonfire after the service and Stacie and I really enjoyed talking with the folks. 

Pastor Grimes graciously has invited us back for next year and we are looking forward to returning to Central New York.

You can visit the photo gallery from the meeting by CLICKING HERE

Children's Choir of Sempronius Baptist Church

Banner in the front of the sanctuary

Sanctuary at Sempronius Baptist Church

Pastor Grimes' children playing instruments for the congregational music

Pastor Grimes leading the singing

Ladies Quartet singing special music

Announcement board

Sempronius Baptist Church in the 1940's

Sempronius Baptist Church - Sempronius, New York

Banner outside the church advertising the meeting

This license plate belongs to a fanatic!

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

Pastor David Dunbar (Freedom Baptist Church - Auburn, New York) and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Bro. Steve Lonsky playing for the offering

Another fanatical license plate!

Pastor Dennis Grimes of Sempronius Baptist Church and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Teen Choir singing a special

Friday, October 19, 2012


What an honor and privilege it was to preach at Old Time Baptist Church this past Wednesday night.  Because of our busy schedule on the road we are not able to be home that often.  In fact, I believe other than camp meeting in August, this was only about the 5th or 6th service we have been at Old Time all year.  The Lord gave great liberty to preach and there was a good response during the invitation.

Tomorrow morning we will head to Moravia, New York - a little town in the Finger Lakes region of New York state about 40 miles southwest of Syracuse.  This will be our first time to be at Sempronius Baptist Church where Dennis Grimes is the pastor.  We are looking forward to getting to know these saints of God.

The theme for the week is "We're on the WINNING Side".  I really believe God is going to do some great things during the meeting.  On Friday night there is going to be a youth rally and young people from many area churches have been invited. 

Sempronius Baptist Church - Moravia, New York

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I am excited about preaching at my home church tomorrow for the mid-week service.  We have been gone most of the year and this will be the first time I have preached at Old Time since last December.  I am also excited because it will be the first time I have preached in the new building.  It is my prayer that God will really help me to be an encouragement and a help to everybody there.

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Monday, October 15, 2012


You will notice at the top of the page a new tab entitled "Current Prayer Letter".  I added this today and if you click on it you can read our August/September prayer letter.  You can also get there from this post by CLICKING HERE.

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CONEWANGO BAPTIST CHURCH - Conewango Valley, New York

Yesterday we had the privilege of being at the Conewango Baptist Church in Conewango Valley, New York.  Pastor Mark Loranger and his family were on vacation and he asked me if I would fill the pulpit for him.  We were at this church for the first time back in March of this year.

We had a good day in church and it was a blessing to see these folks again.  After the morning service we had dinner on the grounds and then an afternoon service.  There was a pretty good crowd that came out and the Lord helped me to preach.

It was good to be back and get to know these folks a little more as we enjoyed the fellowship before and after the services.  This church is in the heart of Amish country about an hour south of our house here in Hamburg.  As I stood behind the pulpit preaching I could look out the front doors of the church and see the horses and buggies going by!

Conewango Baptist Church - Conewango Valley, New York

Conewango Baptist Church

In the heart of Amish Country in Western New York

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The revival meeting at Old Time with Evangelist Don Hardman ended last night.  Bro. Hardman preached some great messages on the theme "Sent From God".  You can listen to the sermons on the church's preaching page by CLICKING HERE.

Tomorrow we will be at Conewango Baptist Church in Conewango Valley, New York in the heart of Amish country. This is located about an hour south of Hamburg.  I will be filling the pulpit for Pastor Mark Loranger while he is on vacation with his family.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We arrived home safely yesterday from Buck Settlement and what a beautiful drive it was seeing the fall leaves.  We stopped by Letchworth State Park and looked around for a little while.  What a great Creator we have!

We will be at our home church for the annual fall revival with Evangelist Don Hardman.  As with every return home we are looking forward to seeing and spending time with family and friends.  We were gone for five weeks on this last trip and were in meetings in New York, Ohio, Indiana and Alabama.

It was good to see everybody last night at Old Time and Bro. Hardman preached a great message on personal revival. The theme for the meeting is "Sent From God".

Old Time Baptist Church's website - CLICK HERE.

Evangelist Don Hardman preaching at the Old Time Baptist Camp Meeting in August 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012


Just thought I would put a quick post and say that today Stacie and I are celebrating 19 years of marriage! I am so thankful for God giving me such a wonderful lady who loves Him and has a desire to serve Him alongside her husband. The Lord could not have given me any better!

BUCK SETTLEMENT...A final note

As you may remember from my last post, the meeting at Buck Settlement Baptist Church ended Friday. Evangelist Gary Lutrick and myself always stay over and preach on the next Sunday.  We had a great day in church yesterday.  I preached during the Sunday School hour and Bro. Lutrick preached the morning service.  During the invitation one of the teen girls whispered to her friend sitting next to her "Am I saved?" to which her friend responded "I don't know".  She came forward and asked Pastor Ferguson's daughter to come to the altar with her.  She gloriously trusted Christ as Saviour and was born again! It was a blessing to see her countenance instantly change.

Pastor Ferguson asked me to preach the evening service and we had another good time in church.  The people here always treat us so good and we are thankful for their friendship.

Buck Settlement Baptist Church - Bath, New York

Saturday, October 6, 2012

PHOTO GALLERY - Buck Settlement

You can view the photo gallery of the meeting at Buck Settlement Baptist Church by CLICKING HERE.


The Lord continued to bless the services on Wednesday thru Friday.  Wednesday night the plan was for Evangelists Gary Lutrick and Lee Roy Dalrymple to preach.  Like in the services Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - the Lord really showed up during the worship and blessed us with a holy visitation.  The worship part of the service was filled with singing, praising and people hitting the altar.  This went on for about an hour and it was sweet.  God led to only have Bro. Lutrick preach this night and again there was a great altar call.

Thursday night was a very good service with myself and Bro. Lutrick preaching.  Bro. Dalrymple had to fly home so he was not in the services Thursday and Friday night.  God gave a good (but different) spirit in the service.  An unexpected surprise was my friend, Bro. Jerry Walsh stopping in for the service.  Bro. Walsh is a missionary printer from Pacolet, South Carolina.  He was on his way to New Hampshire for a deputation meeting.  I haven't seen him in over a year so it was a great blessing to fellowship with him after the service.

Friday night is always an exciting service during this meeting.  All week long local pastors came out and supported the meeting and this was a blessing and encouragement to Pastor Ferguson and the church.  I preached first tonight and then Bro. Lutrick closed it out.  As was the case all week, God really blessed and helped us preach and we were thankful.  I do not mean to sound redundant, but again the Lord showed up and blessed us with His presence. 

The week could be described as an old-fashioned, Holy Ghost, worship meeting.  Pastor Ferguson really wanted to have an encouraging meeting because some families in the church have really been thru some trials in recent weeks.  Included in these difficult times was a church family losing their entire farm to a fire about three weeks ago.  Bro. Ferguson's prayers were answered and people got the help and encouragement that was needed.

The meeting technically ended tonight (Friday) but Bro. Lutrick and I stay over to preach on the Sunday after.  I am really looking forward to meeting with the Lord again in the house of God on Sunday!

Evangelists: Gary Lutrick, Lee Roy Dalrymple and Craig Cobb. Pastor Greg Ferguson

The youth choir.  Look close and you will see a not-so-young honorary member!

Autumn in the beautiful southern tier of New York state.

What a great view of the hills and valleys

Evangelist Gary Lutrick enjoying some fellowship

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Missionary Jerry Walsh

Pastor Greg Ferguson and Missionary Jerry Walsh

A local farmer giving a hayride Thursday night after the service

Buck Settlement Baptist Church - Bath, New York

Buck Settlement Baptist Church Church - Bath, New York

Buck Settlement Baptist Church on Buck Settlement Road

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It is only three days into this meeting and if it ended right now I would have to say that it would have to be the best meeting we have ever had at Buck Settlement.  God has blessed us with His presence each and every single service.  Monday night was tremendous and last night was even better! 

There has been such a spirit of genuine worship and the verse that comes ringing loud in my heart is Psalm 148:14 - "He also exalteth the horn of his people, the praise of all his saints..."  God likes it when we exalt, worship and magnify HIM and that is exactly what has been happening this week.  There has been special music, congregational singing, preaching and testimonies that have all been doing one thing: WORSHIPING GOD and lifting Him up.

Monday evening Evangelists Gary Lutrick and Lee Roy Dalrymple preached.  Last night it was myself and Bro. Dalyrmple.  The Lord has been in all of the messages and the invitations have been wonderful.  It is a blessing to see people staying at the altar until they are done doing business with God instead of just simply getting up and going back to their seat when they notice other people doing the same.

We are looking forward to seeing God move again tonight and the rest of the week.

Evangelist Gary Lutrick

Mrs. Ferguson singing a special

Evangelist Lee Roy Dalrymple

Evangelist Craig Cobb

Mrs. Bruce Varner singing a special

Monday, October 1, 2012


To see the photo gallery of the special day honoring Pastor Greg & Mrs. Wendy Ferguson for 25 years of service at Buck Settlement Baptist Church CLICK HERE.

Here is a few sample pictures...

Pastor Ron Aebersold praying at the end of the service

Pastor Greg Ferguson and his father, Spencer

closing slide of video presentation

Associate Pastor Ron Jacobsen presenting a plaque to Pastor and Mrs. Ferguson


Yesterday was the start of the annual fall revival at Buck Settlement Baptist Church.  It was also a very special day celebrating 25 years of faithful service by Pastor Greg & Mrs. Wendy Ferguson.  I had the privilege of preaching the Sunday School hour and the Lord gave us a good service. 

The second hour service was absolutely indescribable.  It was more than just one of those "you just had to be there" services.  The Lord manifested His sweet presence in such a wonderful and marvelous way.  It was truly an old fashioned, genuine, Holy Ghost WORSHIP service.  There was no modern, fake or phony junk.  I want to keep on trying to explain it but any attempt would be feeble and incomplete.  Suffice it to say God showed up!

After the worship service Pastor Ron Aebersold from Central Baptist Church in Corning, New York preached.  Pastor Aeborsold was Bro. Ferguson's pastor before he came to Buck Settlement.  It was a special message to honor the Ferguson's.

After the service we had dinner on the grounds outside under a tent and let me tell you - fall was definitely in the air with temperatures around 55 degrees.  Just before dessert was served it started raining.  The cold, damp weather did not ruin the spirit of the day in any way.  After the meal we moved back into the church for an "honoring service" for the Fergusons.  There was some special music, a video presentation and lots of heart-felt testimonies from the church members.  The Ferguson's were also presented with some spectacular gifts from the church.  Lots of people came together and have been planning this day for over a year and a half and their hard work really paid off.  Bro. and Mrs. Ferguson were very surprised and appreciative for all that was done for them.

I have posted a few pics of the day below and will be working on a photo gallery to upload soon.  I will put out a post to let everyone know when that is up.

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching at Buck Settlement Baptist Church

Evangelist Gary Lutrick and Evangelist Craig Cobb

A great crowd honoring the Ferguson's 25th anniversary at Buck Settlement Baptist Church

Pastor Greg Ferguson leading the congregational singing

Mrs. Ferguson singing special music

Pastor Ron Aebersold from Central Baptist Church in Corning, New York preaching

Dinner on the grounds!

One of the many desserts for dinner after church

The closing slide of a video presentation honoring Pastor & Mrs. Ferguson

Pastor Greg and Mrs. Wendy Ferguson of Buck Settlement Baptist Church in Bath, New York

Pastor Greg Ferguson and Pastor Ron Aebersold

Mrs. Lillian Aebersold and Mrs. Wendy Ferguson

Plaque honoring the Ferguson's