Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We have had an unexpected change of travel plans.  Our original itinerary had us going back into the States today and over to Dover Foxcroft, Maine. 

Pastor Andy Nissley of McKenzie Corner Baptist Church in New Brunswick (where we were two weeks ago for a meeting) contacted me yesterday and asked me if I could fill the pulpit for him tomorrow night (Wednesday).  His grandfather in Pennsylvania has cancer and is not doing good so he and his father are making a last-minute trip down there to see him.  Praise the Lord his grandfather got saved a couple of years ago!  Please pray for traveling mercies for them and for the family during this difficult time. 

We will now be returning back to Maine on Thursday morning.  Please pray for an uneventful time of crossing the border!

VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH - Kemptville, Nova Scotia

We left Amherst and headed to Kemptville, Nova Scotia to be at Victory Baptist Church (Pastor Joey Ring).  I have known Bro. Ring for about eight or nine years but this is the first time we have been up there.  Bro. Ring has been pastoring this church for a little over three years and it is doing very well.  The folks are such sweet people and they love preachers and preaching.

Two other churches joined Victory on Friday night for an old-fashioned 'singing'.  People from each of the three churches sang special music as well as some congregational singing and it was a good time of worship.  Then I preached Saturday night and all day on Sunday.  The Lord met with us in each of the services and Bro. Ring told me last night the messages were very timely and that many of the people told him they got some help.  Praise the Lord!

A big blessing was being able to see Pastor Percy Lake from Bridgewater while we were up there.  Pastor Lake is a good man and he was seriously injured after from falling off a roof back in September.  He suffered broken bones in his neck and back and it has been a very long process of recovering.  He spent several months in the hospital and the doctors expect him to make a pretty good recovery but it will take another couple of years.  Bro. Ring is Bro. Lake's son-in-law and the singing on Friday night was the first time Bro. Lake had been back to Victory Baptist Church since his accident.  Some of you may know Bro. Lake - I have listed a website below for anybody who would like to keep up with his progress.

Another blessing that came from the meeting is Pastor Mark Thren from Digby invited me to preach a meeting for him in November so it looks like the Cobb's will be returning to Nova Scotia.  The Lord is opening doors up in that area and we are thankful.

Website to keep up with Pastor Percy Lake

Praise God for children learning to play instruments

Victory Baptist Church - Kemptville, Nova Scotia

Victory Baptist Church - Kemptville, Nova Scotia

Pastor Joey Ring and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Good special music!

Kemptville - on the southwest part of Nova Scotia

Monday, April 29, 2013


It was a blessing to return to Amherst Open Bible Baptist Church last week.  We were here last year for the first time for a Sunday in May.  Pastor Jamey Grooms invited us back again for this year.  Originally it was supposed to be a revival meeting going for six days but due to a scheduling conflict with the church it ended up being me filling the pulpit on Sunday and Wednesday. 

The folks really took good care of us with preparing meals and we enjoyed to get to know them a little better.  We had good services and the people seemed to enjoy the preaching - praise the Lord!  On Sunday night a visitor (Michael) stopped in and after the service he was asking a bunch of questions.  Please pray for this man - he is definitely searching and as far as I can tell he is very sincere.  The problem is that he is searching in such a way that he is willing to listen to anybody (and has been) - Christians, cults and so on.

Bro. Grooms has been here for twelve years and the church is doing well.  The people really love the Lord and they love preaching!

Church website:  Amherst Open Bible Baptist Church

Amherst Open Bible Baptist Church - Amherst, Nova Scotia

Amherst Open Bible Baptist Church - Amherst, Nova Scotia

Friday, April 26, 2013


This morning we headed further east in Nova Scotia to a little town called Kemptville to be at the Victory Baptist Church - Pastor Joey Ring.  They are having an old fashioned singing tonight and then I will be preaching tomorrow and all day Sunday.  This is our first visit here and the furthest east we have ever been.  Please be in prayer for this meeting and I will give an update later.

Kemptville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Thursday, April 25, 2013

REVIVAL AT McKENZIE CORNER BAPTIST CHURCH - McKenzie Corner, New Brunswick, Canada

We left Dover Foxcroft and headed up to New Brunswick, Canada to be at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church where Andy Nissley is the pastor.  It is hard to believe that this was our fourth year and fourth meeting there.  Time sure flies!

I don't always have a theme for the meetings and I was praying about what the Lord might want us to do at McKenzie Corner.  During the meeting in Dover Foxcroft the Lord laid it on my heart to CONTINUE the same theme - CONTINUE - in Canada.  The messages were not all the same and the Lord blessed again.

Since our visit last year a couple of families have joined the church and a couple others are visiting on a regular basis.  It was another week of liberty and responding to the messages.  Pastor Nissley told me at the end of the week he believes it was the best meeting we've had so far.  There was lots of wonderful special music by the people in the church and we had a couple of times of testimonies.

We were able to have a lot more fellowship with Bro. Nissley and his family than we normally do and we sure did enjoy that every day.  We were able to get out and see a couple of local sights during the day time as well as the obligatory stops to Tim Horton's!  One of the men just finished barber school and so he treated the preacher and myself to an old-fashioned, hot towel barber shave.  It was my first experience and it was pretty nostalgic!

All in all it was a wonderful week on many fronts and we are looking forward to returning next year.

Here are a few pictures from the meeting.  Again I have created a photo gallery on Photobucket with more pictues.  You can view them by CLICKING HERE.

Good singing at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church!

World's youngest ushers!

Let's build it!

They even got me in on the singing...PRACTICE, that is!

Pastor Andy Nissley and Evangelist Craig Cobb

McKenzie Corner Baptist Church - McKenzie Corner, New Brunswick.  This building was built in 1850.


April started off up in Dover Foxcroft, Maine at New Life Baptist Church with Pastor David Ireland.  This was our ninth spring revival here and what a time we had!  If I could describe the meeting in just one word it would be this: HELP.  Back in February I heard a preacher use a verse about "continuing".  When he read that verse the Lord said "That's the theme for Maine!" and we began praying along that line.  The Lord blessed with good liberty each and every service and the altars were full each time as well.  Several people expressed how they had got some major victories over some things they have been dealing with - some for a long time!  It was such a blessing to hear about the Lord helping His people in such a way.  A few visitors were out and a couple other pastors and churches came to support the meeting too.

Another special blessing is that my mom was able to travel up and join us for the meeting.  She used to come with us all the time but that was when we left from home to go up there and then go back home right after.  This was her first time back in three years and the folks were so happy to see her and she was excited to see them.

We will be going back to Dover Foxcroft for a couple weeks after our time in Nova Scotia to help in their efforts to blitz some towns with gospel packets that have tracts as well as John & Romans.

There are a few pics below.  I created a photo gallery with more pictures on Photobucket.  You can view them by CLICKING HERE.

Pastor David Ireland - New Life Baptist Church - Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Pastor Isaiah Hill - Sebec Corner Baptist Church - Sebec, Maine

What a theme the Lord gave us!

Stacie and I singing during the last service

The altars were full each night!

Sign out in front of the church by the road promoting the meeting

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Back in March we were able to be back to the annual Chattahoochie Valley Baptist Camp Meeting in Valley, Alabama.  This is the ministry of Evangelist Ronnie Trenton out of Emmanuel Baptist Church (Pastor Jeff Thorn).  We attended this meeting the first five or six years we were in evangelism but because of a schedule change to our Missions Conference, we have had to miss the past few years and it was a blessing to be back.

I had the privilege of opening up the meeting on Sunday morning.  One of the best ways to describe this meeting is that it really is a cool drink of water.  Bro. Trenton's burden is to provide a good, encouraging meeting where the saints of God can just come and take a break and get refreshed without any pressure of having to worry about what is expected of them.  And let me say that it is just that!  I did not realize how much I needed that 'drink of water' until the meeting was well underway.

It was good to get to see so many preacher friends and folks we have come to know and love over the years.  It has been many years since we have seen a lot of the people there.  Stacie had the opportunity to speak to the ladies during one of their afternoon sessions.  She was also able to interpret for a sweet deaf lady.  Maria Podbereski is a missionary to the deaf and the Lord is all over this lady.  We had never heard of or met her before this week.  We immediately hit it off with her as she has a great personality and likes to have fun.  We have maintained contact with her since the meeting a few weeks ago and are looking forward to seeing her again in New York in September.

Below are a few pictures from the meeting.  I created a photo gallery with more pictures on Photobucket and you can check them out by CLICKING HERE.

Emmanuel Baptist Church choir doing a great job singing!

Evangelist Paul Tripp singing

Evangelist David Evans preaching

Evangelist Jerry & Mrs. Betty Monday singing

Deaf Missionary to the Deaf - Maria Podbereski

Pastor Randall Boatner preaching

Pastor J.T. Baskins preaching

The old gospel tent ready for another season of meetings!


We closed out March in a revival meeting at Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Pacolet, South Carolina.  Pastor Bill Pickel started this church twenty years ago.  He was my pastor up in New York when I was a teenager and I preached my very first sermon 26 years ago under his ministry there. 

We have been to Calvary Hill before and I have preached there many times, but this was the first meeting I have preached there.  The Lord gave us a good week with liberty to preach in the services and good responses during the invitations.  Stacie and I really enjoyed our fellowship with Pastor Pickel and his wife while we were there. 

This church has just started a bus ministry and I had the privilege to preach during "bus church" on Sunday afternoon.  They also operate the Calvary Hill Girls Home and Calvary Hill Baptist Press printing ministry.  We are looking forward to being back next year and are grateful for the invitation.

Calvary Hill Baptist Press

Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Pacolet, South Carolina

Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Pacolet, South Carolina

Pastor Bill and Mrs. Fran Pickel, Calvary Hill Baptist Church - Pacolet, South Carolina

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Our travel schedule now thru July is updated and posted. (It is also listed below)  You can keep up to date by clicking on the "UPCOMING SCHEDULE" link at the top of the page or by clicking here.


April 27-28
Victory Baptist Church
Kemptville, Nova Scotia
Pastor Joey Ring

May 1-10 
New Life Baptist Church
Dover Foxcroft, Maine
Church Website: New Life Baptist Church
Gospel Station on Wheels website: Gospel Station on Wheels 

May 12 (Mother's Day)
Bible Baptist Church
Bangor, Maine
Pastor Artie Dean
Church website: Bible Baptist Church 

June 2-9
First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
Franklin, Indiana
Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer
Church website: First Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

June 16-21
Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church
Sanborn, New York
Pastor Jack Britt
Church website: Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church

June 30-July 5
Liberty Baptist Church
Moraine, Ohio
Pastor Craig Lovell
Church website: Liberty Baptist Church

July 7-14
Amazing Grace Baptist Church
Columbus, Ohio
Pastor Jimmy Hood
Church website: Amazing Grace Baptist Church

July 15-18
4-H Grounds Revival
Harrisville, West Virginia
With Evangelist Don Hardman

FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 prayer letter

Below is our current prayer letter...


Dear Friends,

The Apostle Paul in Philippians 3:13-14 declares “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  These verses have really been a help and blessing to me over the last few weeks.  I am so thankful for the Word of God!
I did something in February I have never done before: preach in two different states on the same day.  On the 3rd we were at Central Baptist Church (Lanett, AL) in the morning.  Pastor Jeff Thorn asked me to preach in the AM service.  After lunch at Bro. Thorn’s house we drove a couple hours to Villa Rica, GA to preach at Happy Valley   Baptist Church where Bro. Eddie Wyatt is the pastor.  Bro. Wyatt and I were in a meeting together in Florida back in January and he invited me to preach for him on our way home.
We drove home later in the week to start a revival meeting at our home church—Old Time Baptist.  Pastor Guadagno told me last year he wanted to have a meeting so we worked out the dates.  The devil sure was fighting me personally that week but the Lord blessed and it was a good meeting.  One of our teen girls got saved Sunday night - Praise the Lord!  I have preached at Old Time a bunch of times but this was the first meeting we have had there.
The following week we were back at New Hope Baptist Church in Collins, New York (Pastor Jack Seiler).  This is a meeting Evangelist Don Hardman and I preach together every year.  The Lord is working in this church and the people were encouraged.  There were some visitors out and that was a blessing.
Our annual missions conference at Old Time was a week later and my, how the Lord blessed!  Pastor Danny Farley was the speaker for the week and we had several missionaries present their work as well as visit with a few via Skype to get updates.  Our church’s Faith Promise increased and we are thankful for that.
After missions conference it was time to hit the road back down to the Chattahoochie Valley Baptist Camp Meeting in Valley, Alabama.  Evangelist Ronnie Trenton moderates this meeting out of his home church—Emmanuel Baptist Church (Pastor Darren White).  I had the privilege of opening up the meeting on Sunday morning.  Stacie got to speak during one of the ladies’ sessions as well as interpret for a deaf lady—Maria Podbereski.  She is a missionary to the deaf and is a dear lady.  This was our first time meeting her and we became good friends right from the start.  She is being greatly used of the Lord.  It was a refreshing meeting and we both needed it!  This was our first time back to this camp meeting in several years.
From there we headed to Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Pacolet, South Carolina where Bill Pickel is the pastor.  Bro. Pickel used to be my pastor in New York when I was in my teen years.  I preached my first message under his ministry there 26 years ago.  We have been there several times and I have preached there several times but this was our first meeting here.  The Lord blessed with good liberty and good responses to the invitations.  We enjoyed the fellowship with the preacher and his wife and are looking forward to going back next year.
On our way up to Maine we closed out March by stopping in Marion, North Carolina at Emmanuel Baptist Church (Pastor Jonathan Newton).  Our good friends, Evangelist David and Bobbie Evans, were there and he was preaching a revival.  We stopped in for a couple days to support the meeting and to visit.  I have heard of Bro.  Newton before and it was good to get to meet him, his family and the church.  I got to give my testimony on Tuesday night and we had a great time there.
Let me just share a quick prayer request.  I think I have maybe mentioned finances in a prayer letter only one or two times over the years, but let me just say that we were notified in March about a dramatic drop in our monthly support.  The Lord knows and I would just humbly ask you to pray for God’s will.  We thank each and every one of you for your prayers and we also thank those who do support us.  All of it is greatly appreciated.

April and May will find us in Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and New York.  I am so thankful for what the Lord is doing in our lives and our ministry.  He is blessing in so many ways and we are excited to see it.  We look forward to the end of spring and the upcoming summer.  Don’t forget that you can keep up with us on our blog with several updates posted weekly.  You can sign up to receive them by email if you prefer.  Just go to www.evangelistcraigcobb.blogspot.com.  May God bless you as you continue to serve the Lord in these last days!

In His service,
Craig A. Cobb


Saturday, April 20, 2013


We are in a hotel and finally have constant, good Internet access (as far as I can tell!) so I will be updating the blog within the next few days. We had a good meeting in New Brunswick at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church this past week. I will post a detailed update later.

We made the 3 1/2 hour trip to Amherst, Nova Scotia today and thank The Lord for safety. I will be preaching tomorrow and Wednesday at Amherst Open Bible Baptist Church for Pastor Jamey Grooms.

Thank you all for praying for us. We appreciate it very much. God bless!

Monday, April 15, 2013


This past Saturday we made the 3 hour trip to New Brunswick to start the next meeting. This is our 4th time here at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church (Pastor Andy Nissley). We are about 15 minutes from Houlton, Maine.

The Lord led me to bring the same theme of "Continue" to the church here. We had a good start yesterday and are praying for another good week of help and God's blessing.

NEW LIFE BAPTIST CHURCH - Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Internet service has not exactly been ideal lately for posting updates and pictures like I would like it to be so for now the updates will have to be abbreviated.

The meeting in Dover Foxcroft, Maine at New Life Baptist Church (Pastor David Ireland) was a tremendous meeting. It could be summed up in one word: HELP! The Lord really gave His people some needed help and victory in areas that there was no doubt it was The Lord who did it. The theme for the week was "Continue". It was neat to see God working in every service in miraculous ways.

An added blessing to the meeting is that my mom was able to be with us. Se hasn't been up in Maine in 3 years and she was able to come this year. The folks there really love her and she loves them.

I will post some pictures when I have sufficient Internet access - hopefully within the next week.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I will be posting updates from Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina within the next few days.  We arrived safely in Maine last night and begin our next meeting tonight at New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine.  Pastor David Ireland and the folks here are such wonderful people and it is good to be back.  We were here back in August for their tent meeting and are looking forward to the Lord doing some good things this week.

I apologize for the lack of details but it has been a combination of being busy at the churches, lots of concentrated travel time and a lack of consistent (and sufficient) internet access.

Thank you all for your prayers for the Cobb's!!!  We appreciate it very much.