Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We closed out March in a revival meeting at Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Pacolet, South Carolina.  Pastor Bill Pickel started this church twenty years ago.  He was my pastor up in New York when I was a teenager and I preached my very first sermon 26 years ago under his ministry there. 

We have been to Calvary Hill before and I have preached there many times, but this was the first meeting I have preached there.  The Lord gave us a good week with liberty to preach in the services and good responses during the invitations.  Stacie and I really enjoyed our fellowship with Pastor Pickel and his wife while we were there. 

This church has just started a bus ministry and I had the privilege to preach during "bus church" on Sunday afternoon.  They also operate the Calvary Hill Girls Home and Calvary Hill Baptist Press printing ministry.  We are looking forward to being back next year and are grateful for the invitation.

Calvary Hill Baptist Press

Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Pacolet, South Carolina

Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Pacolet, South Carolina

Pastor Bill and Mrs. Fran Pickel, Calvary Hill Baptist Church - Pacolet, South Carolina

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