Monday, December 29, 2014

A Busy 2014

We are so thankful for the Lord giving us a great year in 2014.  He blessed us with safety in Florida when a man in his pickup truck fell asleep and smashed into us on the interstate back in January.  He provided with some needs that came up with the bus.  He provided a much-needed vehicle to tow behind the bus.  He provided for our financial needs.  Stacie and I are both healthy.  He gave us some great meetings all over the country and into Canada.  And most importantly, a few precious souls made professions of having put their faith in Christ.  We traveled almost 30,000 miles to our meetings.  In November the Lord moved us to Franklin, Indiana.  God has been good to the Cobbs and we are grateful for all He has done for us.  We were in more states and provinces last year, but in most of these states we had several different meetings throughout the course of the year.

Meetings in 2014:
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Maine
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • North Carolina
  • Michigan
  • New Brunswick, Canada

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Lord Has Moved Us!

For those of you who are not on our mailing list, I have posted below the content of a letter that was sent out a few days ago.  The letter was informing our friends about a big move that recently took place.  I make reference in the letter to another letter that was included.  At this time I am not able to post the second letter but will do so next week...

December 17, 2014

Dear Friends,

Greetings in our Saviour’s name!  We pray this letter finds you all doing well in serving our Lord. 
I am writing today to share some big changes that have taken place in our ministry.  On November 16, 2014,    Stacie and I joined First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Franklin, Indiana.  Our pastor, Kent Kirchmeyer, is a good man with a desire to spread the gospel to the lost and the church is a solid Bible-believing church.

Let me first say that we left the Old Time Baptist Church of Hamburg, New York in good standing with the church and with the leadership and I have enclosed a letter from Pastor Guadagno.  I need to point out a couple of things and I can not stress these enough.  First, there were no issues (doctrinal, personal or otherwise) that brought about this move.  Secondly, this move had nothing to do with a better location geographically for our ministry.  In meeting with Pastor Guadagno and then separately with the staff I shared with them the reason for this change and it is quite simple: the Lord made it very clear to me that this was what He wanted me to do.  You will soon be receiving a letter from Pastor Kirchmeyer.

Many folks have suggested and I am sure even more have secretly analyzed that there must be something more to the story than what I was saying.  Rest assured that is not the case.  As I have said many times: this is simply Craig Cobb obeying God and following His will—nothing more, nothing less.  Being at one place for over 23 years and then leaving that place was not a decision that I took lightly.  It was not something that I initiated, but it is something I have determined to follow because it was of the Lord.

I am happy to report that the response we have encountered thus far has been overwhelmingly positive and    encouraging.  We currently have six supporting churches and each one has pledged to continue our support.  I am in the process of calling the pastors that I preach for, and again, so far each one has been supportive.  We are very thankful for the way the Lord has worked all things out.

Our ministry has not changed.  We are still in full-time evangelism.  It is still our burden to be a help to the local church and we continue to pray for the Lord to open even more doors as time goes on.  I would humbly ask you to pray for the Cobbs as we continue to try and serve the Lord to the best of our ability.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone, email or letter.  I would be happy to speak with you.  The above mailing address is our support address and also our personal correspondence address.  As always, we thank you all for your prayers.

In His service,

Craig Cobb
Isaiah 61:1

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Stacie and I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!  We trust you will remember that "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners..." (I Timothy 1:15) and to share the true meaning of Christmas to a lost and dying world.

Monday, November 24, 2014


I have recently disabled many of the pages on the blog due to some major changes and updates that need to be made.  Our schedule and prayer letter will remain available as we work on the updates. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

UPDATED SCHEDULE - November & December, 2014

Our schedule page has been updated and is also listed below...


November 2-5
Calvary Bible Baptist Church
Elbridge, New York
Pastor George Burkinshaw
Church website: Calvary Bible Baptist Church

November 12-30
First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
Franklin, Indiana
Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer
Church website: FMPBC Sermon Audio

December 7-12
Victory Baptist Church
Clarkston, Michigan
Pastor Bob Nogalski
Church website: Victory Baptist Church

December 28
Faith Baptist Church
Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Pastor Bryan Pease
Church website: Faith Baptist Church

Updated: October 28, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH - Springville, New York

Today we had the privilege of being at Faith Baptist Church in Springville, New York (about 20 minutes south of Hamburg).  Pastor Kevin Friedman started this church 10 years ago and today it remains a lighthouse in the southern tier of Western New York.  Growing up about 20 miles east of Springville, it is an answer to prayer to have a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church in this area.

I would like to brag on this man of God and his family for a moment.  The Friedmans are one of the finest families I know.  They have been a great blessing to us personally and to Old Time Baptist Church as well.  Bro. Friedman has for several years taken his vacation during our camp meeting to just be there to be a help in any way they can.  They come to enjoy the services but they come to work and help out in anyway they can.  Their church comes out on set-up day and they have helped out over the years in countless ways for some of our special events such as cantatas, banquets and so on.  Their kids are hard workers with sweet spirits and are just a joy to be around.

I believe we had a really good day in church and it was a blessing to be back and visit these good folks again.  We enjoyed the fellowship with them before and after the services.

Faith Baptist Church in Springville, New York

Pastor Kevin Friedman and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Saturday, August 30, 2014


The theme for this year's camp meeting at Old Time Baptist Church was "The Amazing Race".  The Lord really gave us a good week.  There was a tremendous spirit in the services and as always it was a blessing to get to see so many of our friends from around the country.  We also got to meet some new family members and start new friendships.  I had the privilege to preach twice during the week - Sunday morning and Thursday morning.

As some of you may know, Stacie has had a burden for the deaf since she was a child.  Missionary Scott Crabtree, whose hearing loss is at 95%, has been working in this area for over 30 years and we enjoyed getting to meet he and his wife.  Mrs. Crabtree wrote the song "Bury My Heart On The Mission Field".  What a great time of fellowship we had with these precious folks.

The "Amazing Race" - 2014 Old Time Baptist Camp Meeting

The old-fashion gospel tent is ready to go for Camp Meeting

2011 - "The Bible Stands"

2013 - "Higher Ground"

2010 - "Call Unto Me"

Friday, August 29, 2014


We enjoyed a great day of "Fam Time" with my mom and didn't something we haven't done in many years - we took a ride on the Arcade and Attica Railroad in Arcade, New York.  When I was a boy we rode the train several times each summer.  I recall one special trip when the engineer (Manley Hakes) asked me if I wanted to ride back to Arcade from the Curriers station in the steam locomotive.  As a boy of about 12 years old, this was the chance of a lifetime and I will never forget that ride in the cab in the engine.

Train website: Arcade & Attica Railroad

Check out the "Arcade & Attica Railroad Photo Gallery" page on the blog.  It has more pictures (in a larger format) than this post and more will be added soon.  You can go there now by clicking here.

Steam engine #18 getting ready to leave the Arcade Depot and head to Curriers (Arcade & Attica Railroad)

(Arcade & Attica Railroad)

The coal tender for Engine #18 (Arcade & Attica Railroad)

Mom and Stacie Baby ready to go!

Enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way (Arcade & Attica Railroad)

Temporary engineers!

Engine #18 taking a break in Curriers (Arcade & Attica Railroad)

(Arcade & Attica Railroad)

(Arcade & Attica Railroad)

(Arcade & Attica Railroad)

(Arcade & Attica Railroad)

(Arcade & Attica Railroad)

(Arcade & Attica Railroad)

(Arcade & Attica Railroad)

Thursday, August 28, 2014



August 3
Bible Baptist Church
Bangor, Maine
Pastor Artie Dean
Church website: Bible Baptist Church

Sebec Corner Baptist Church
Sebec, Maine
Pastor Isaiah Hill 

August 17-22
Old Time Baptist Church
Hamburg, New York
Pastor Lou Guadagno
Church website: Old Time Baptist Church
30th Annual Camp Meeting - The Amazing Race

August 31
Faith Baptist Church
Springville, New York
Pastor Kevin Friedman 

September 21-24
Central Baptist Church
Lanett, Alabama
Pastor Jeff Thorn
Tent Revival
Evangelists Craig Cobb and David Evans 

September 28 - October 5
Buck Settlement Baptist Church
Bath, New York
Pastor Greg Ferguson 
Church website: Buck Settlement Baptist Church
Fall Revival
Evangelists Craig Cobb and Gary Lutrick

October 6-10
Old Time Baptist Church
Hamburg, New York
Pastor Lou Guadagno 
Church website: Old Time Baptist Church
Fall Revival
Evangelists Craig Cobb and Don Hardman

October 12-17
Sempronius Baptist Church
Moravia, New York
Pastor Dennis Grimes
Fall Revival

October 19
Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church
Sanborn, New York
Pastor Jack Britt
Church website: Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church

Updated: August 20,2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

APRIL thru JULY Prayer Letter

Here is our latest prayer letter...

Dear Friends,

If there are a couple of verses that have really encouraged the Cobb’s of late it would be Psalm 126:2&3 —”Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them. The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”  These last few months have been filled with some trials but GLORY BE TO GOD we have no sad tales to tell. HE has blessed and delivered and   provided and came through in great and mighty ways!!! 

Most of these trials have come by way of bus repairs and issues, but each and every time God worked it out as only He could have.  The biggest need was six brand new tires on it to the tune of $3500.  We are thankful for our friends in Indiana taking care of this.  The pastor there also gave us his 2003 Chevy Trailblazer so we could have a vehicle to tow behind the bus. With each need or trial came an answer directly from the Lord.

Since our last letter we have been in some really good meetings in: two churches in Maine, New Brunswick, Indiana, three churches in New York, two churches in Ohio and then we also were back up in Maine for a couple more meetings.  Our trip to Maine was cut short by a few days as we returned back to western New York for the funeral of Pastor Barney Lee from Center Road Baptist Church.  He was Stacie’s pastor from the time she was about three years old up until we got married.  Pastor Lee was one of my heroes and a great man of God. 
We are now in Hamburg for our Camp Meeting at Old Time Baptist Church.  By the time you receive this letter camp meeting will be over and we will have had the opportunity to see many of you here.

September and October will find us in meetings in Alabama and New York. 

As always we thank each and every one of you who pray for us and for those who support us financially.  We could not do the ministry God has called us to without the power of God and with that comes your help.  It is all greatly appreciated more than you will ever know.


-Souls to be saved and saints to get help in the meetings. 
-To be a help to the churches, preachers and saints of God
-Continued safety with the bus & car and for wisdom.
-God to continue to set our calendar.
-Our health to be good and strong. 
-Increased support.

In the service of the King,

Craig and Stacie Cobb

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


There is a new page on our blog called PHOTO GALLERY.  This will include some pictures from the home page of the blog as well as some others.  Below you will find the page as it is currently.  You can also visit the page by CLICKING HERE.

We will from time to time post some pictures from our travels and meetings here on this page.  Be sure to check back often for new uploads.


Pastor David Ireland (New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine) and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Jeremy - a young man who recently joined New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine singing a special during the morning service.
Evangelist Gerald Fielder, Pastor Andy Nissley, Evangelist Craig Cobb - McKenzie Corner Baptist Church in New Brunswick, Canada

I was "invited" to sing along with the men's group at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church

"Called" - the theme for the meeting at New Hope Baptist Church in Collins, New York
Evangelist David Evans and Family singing at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida back in January (2014)

The choir opening up the camp meeting at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida

The Rochesters singing at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Floridafor the camp meeting back in January (2014)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This morning we are leaving Maine and heading home to Hamburg, New York for a week.  We have not been home in five months: since this past December.  Please pray for a safe and incident-free trip as we plan to get in Wednesday afternoon.  The plan is to see family as well as church family at Old Time, get the bus inspected, get some stuff out of storage and probably some other things that I am not remembering at the moment.

Dover Foxcroft, Maine to Hamburg, New York - 656 miles

Monday, May 12, 2014

McKENZIE CORNER BAPTIST CHURCH - McKenzie Corner, New Brunswick, Canada

MAY 4-8...

It is hard to believe that this was our 5th consecutive year being with Pastor Andy Nissley and the good folks at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church.  One difference to the meeting this year was preaching with Evangelist Gerald Fielder.  I have known of Bro. Fielder for a few years but just met him in Maine last August.  Ironically it was Bro. Fielder who told us about the bus being for sale.  This was our first meeting together and the Lord gave us a great meeting.

The people have come together with a great spirit of unity like never before and it really was evident in the meeting.  There were several visitors during the course of the week.

No doubt the highlight of the meeting was a man named Paul who got saved on Tuesday.  It's a long story but when he showed up for church Sunday morning it was the first time he had ever stepped inside of a church in his 38 years.  He came back Sunday night, showed up at the preacher's house Tuesday before church and then came to church and got saved Tuesday night and was back on Thursday night! PRAISE THE LORD!!! There is a lot more to the story but please pray for Paul in his new walk with the Lord.

I enjoyed singing with the guys but don't know if I 'added' anything!

Evangelist Gerald Fielder, Pastor Andy Nissley, Evangelist Craig Cobb

Friday, May 2, 2014

NEW LIFE BAPTIST CHURCH - Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Our annual spring revival at New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine was originally scheduled for April 11-18 but because of a major repair on the bus we were delayed two days getting to Maine and so Pastor David Ireland was gracious to start the meeting two days later but still go eight days.  The Lord knows all about it!

Despite the change everything still worked out for good.  All of the New Life people were faithful to the services and a few other churches (one a couple hours away) supported the meeting throughout the week.  There is always good liberty to preach here and this year was no exception.  Pastor Ireland said many folks came up to him personally during the meeting telling of the help they were getting.  God is good!  Like last year, my mom was able to travel up for the week and be with us.  We hadn't seen her since the middle of February and we enjoyed our time together. 

We will be back up at New Life in July for their annual camp meeting.

New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Thursday, May 1, 2014


We finished up this past Sunday with our first ever revival meeting at Bible Baptist Church in Bangor, Maine.  Bro. Artie Dean is the pastor.  Bro. Dean has had us in for a Sunday in April the past few years and also in August the last two years, but this is our first multi-day meeting here.  There was great special music during the services as well as liberty to preach.  I was encouraged by the response during the invitation times.  Pastor Dean said the messages were a help and that is a blessing.  Stacie had the opportunity to speak to the ladies for a meeting they had on Saturday.  A local pastor's wife who was in attendance told me that she did a great job and the Lord really used her to be an encouragement to the ladies.  During our stay we absolutely enjoyed some great fellowship with the Dean family and thank them for their hospitality.

Please pray for this church as they continue to move forward on their building project.  All the necessary fill is on the property and is ready.  They are now in the process of meeting with contractors to secure bids on the project.  It is exciting to see God working the details out as they proceed.

Anvil of God monument on the church's new property where they plan to build

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Here is our latest prayer letter covering December (2013) thru April (2014).  If you would like to receive our prayer via email, please contact me at or click here.



Dear Friends,

Greetings in our Saviour’s Name!  We trust this letter finds you all staying in the battle.  It has been a very busy and eventful few months for the Cobb’s.

For December thru March we were in the following churches:

· Victory Baptist Church—Clarkston, Michigan (Pastor Bob Nogalski)

· Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church—Sanborn, New York (Pastor Jack Britt)

· First Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church—Franklin, Indiana (Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer)

· Old Time Baptist Church—Hamburg, New York (Pastor Lou Guadagno)

· New Testament Baptist Church—Cape Coral, Florida (Pastor Bill Roan)

· Charity Bible Baptist Church—Moncton, New Brunswick (Pastor Phil Seely)

· Sardis Hill Baptist Church—Piedmont, Alabama (Pastor Randall Hudgens)

· New Hope Baptist Church—Collins, New York (Pastor Jack Seiler)

· Emmanuel Baptist Temple—Valley, Alabama (Pastor Darren White / Evangelist Ronnie Trenton)

· Calvary Hill Baptist Church—Pacolet, South Carolina (Pastor Bill Pickel)

We saw the Lord work in the meetings and a few souls were saved—praise the Lord! It never ceases to amaze me that the Lord would see fit to use us in anything.  What a great God we serve!

The bus had a few issues—one of them major.  The right front wheel bearing burnt up going down the interstate.  The mechanic said we were probably only a couple miles away from losing the wheel and we are thankful that did not happen because it would have done major damage.  The entire wheel assembly had to be replaced.  The repair bill was $4200 and the Lord provided the money!

April and May will find us in Maine and New Brunswick and we are looking forward with anticipation begging and expecting the Lord to continue to do great things as we go to the churches.  We are praying that they will not just be “another meeting” but that real, heaven-sent revival will take place in the hearts of God’s people.

In HIS service,

Craig A. Cobb 
Isaiah 61:1

Monday, April 21, 2014

Will be updating...

I am very aware that I have not updated the blog since way back in January and I sincerely apologize. It is my goal to start with the latest update and work our way backwards until it is all caught up.  Thank you all for your understanding and also for your prayers. Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I posted this on my Facebook page but for those who may not have Facebook or didn't see it....

We were involved in a car accident this afternoon on Interstate 75 in Ocala, Florida. We were on our way to our first meeting if 2014. We had just got on the interstate when a man in a pickup truck fell asleep and side-swiped us. This sent us careening off the road about 50 feet. It is only a miracle of God we did not roll the car. God brought the car to rest less than one inch shy of a concrete pad with solar equipment on it. If we would have kept going and hit the solar panels (on Stacie's side if the car) I believe the results could have been very much worse than they were. 

Both of us were and are fine - again that was very miraculous. The vehicle we were driving was a rental and totaled on the driver's side. Two other cars and a motorhome saw the accident and stopped to help us. The driver of the vehicle that hit us stopped. He was ok as well as his family who were with him. He ended up being able to drive away. 

We were at the scene for 2 hours and AAA towed the vehicle two hours away to the Orlando Airport. We hit the road with a replacement vehicle five hours after the accident. The rental car company treated us very well and was genuinely concerned about our well being. 

We thank you for those who knew and have prayed. I am sure we are going to wake up in the morning very sore but praise The Lord we are alive. I am not trying to be dramatic but after looking at how the accident played out with traffic and a couple of other factors present, I am convinced the Cobb's came very close to death today. 

God is good and I was able to get a good gospel witness in to the flatbed driver. The Lord is in control of all things and He knows all about the "why's" of today. I am not going to question or wonder. 

Please pray for all of the details with the rental and insurance companies that will have to be sorted out in the coming days. 

We are looking forward to seeing God bless in our meeting this week at New Testament Baptist Church here in Cape Coral, Florida.