Wednesday, May 14, 2014


There is a new page on our blog called PHOTO GALLERY.  This will include some pictures from the home page of the blog as well as some others.  Below you will find the page as it is currently.  You can also visit the page by CLICKING HERE.

We will from time to time post some pictures from our travels and meetings here on this page.  Be sure to check back often for new uploads.


Pastor David Ireland (New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine) and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Jeremy - a young man who recently joined New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine singing a special during the morning service.
Evangelist Gerald Fielder, Pastor Andy Nissley, Evangelist Craig Cobb - McKenzie Corner Baptist Church in New Brunswick, Canada

I was "invited" to sing along with the men's group at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church

"Called" - the theme for the meeting at New Hope Baptist Church in Collins, New York
Evangelist David Evans and Family singing at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida back in January (2014)

The choir opening up the camp meeting at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida

The Rochesters singing at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Floridafor the camp meeting back in January (2014)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This morning we are leaving Maine and heading home to Hamburg, New York for a week.  We have not been home in five months: since this past December.  Please pray for a safe and incident-free trip as we plan to get in Wednesday afternoon.  The plan is to see family as well as church family at Old Time, get the bus inspected, get some stuff out of storage and probably some other things that I am not remembering at the moment.

Dover Foxcroft, Maine to Hamburg, New York - 656 miles

Monday, May 12, 2014

McKENZIE CORNER BAPTIST CHURCH - McKenzie Corner, New Brunswick, Canada

MAY 4-8...

It is hard to believe that this was our 5th consecutive year being with Pastor Andy Nissley and the good folks at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church.  One difference to the meeting this year was preaching with Evangelist Gerald Fielder.  I have known of Bro. Fielder for a few years but just met him in Maine last August.  Ironically it was Bro. Fielder who told us about the bus being for sale.  This was our first meeting together and the Lord gave us a great meeting.

The people have come together with a great spirit of unity like never before and it really was evident in the meeting.  There were several visitors during the course of the week.

No doubt the highlight of the meeting was a man named Paul who got saved on Tuesday.  It's a long story but when he showed up for church Sunday morning it was the first time he had ever stepped inside of a church in his 38 years.  He came back Sunday night, showed up at the preacher's house Tuesday before church and then came to church and got saved Tuesday night and was back on Thursday night! PRAISE THE LORD!!! There is a lot more to the story but please pray for Paul in his new walk with the Lord.

I enjoyed singing with the guys but don't know if I 'added' anything!

Evangelist Gerald Fielder, Pastor Andy Nissley, Evangelist Craig Cobb

Friday, May 2, 2014

NEW LIFE BAPTIST CHURCH - Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Our annual spring revival at New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine was originally scheduled for April 11-18 but because of a major repair on the bus we were delayed two days getting to Maine and so Pastor David Ireland was gracious to start the meeting two days later but still go eight days.  The Lord knows all about it!

Despite the change everything still worked out for good.  All of the New Life people were faithful to the services and a few other churches (one a couple hours away) supported the meeting throughout the week.  There is always good liberty to preach here and this year was no exception.  Pastor Ireland said many folks came up to him personally during the meeting telling of the help they were getting.  God is good!  Like last year, my mom was able to travel up for the week and be with us.  We hadn't seen her since the middle of February and we enjoyed our time together. 

We will be back up at New Life in July for their annual camp meeting.

New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Thursday, May 1, 2014


We finished up this past Sunday with our first ever revival meeting at Bible Baptist Church in Bangor, Maine.  Bro. Artie Dean is the pastor.  Bro. Dean has had us in for a Sunday in April the past few years and also in August the last two years, but this is our first multi-day meeting here.  There was great special music during the services as well as liberty to preach.  I was encouraged by the response during the invitation times.  Pastor Dean said the messages were a help and that is a blessing.  Stacie had the opportunity to speak to the ladies for a meeting they had on Saturday.  A local pastor's wife who was in attendance told me that she did a great job and the Lord really used her to be an encouragement to the ladies.  During our stay we absolutely enjoyed some great fellowship with the Dean family and thank them for their hospitality.

Please pray for this church as they continue to move forward on their building project.  All the necessary fill is on the property and is ready.  They are now in the process of meeting with contractors to secure bids on the project.  It is exciting to see God working the details out as they proceed.

Anvil of God monument on the church's new property where they plan to build