Friday, January 18, 2013


We have arrived safely in Alabama and are thankful for the Lord's protection.  We will be here for two weeks and visiting in various churches in the northeast area of Alabama.  It is good to be with our friends - Evangelist David Evans and his family - again.  We are grateful for the chance to stay with them and enjoy some fellowship while also visiting some churches - both new and ones we have been to before. 

Internet service will be very spotty so I will try to update when I can.  Please pray for our time there as we look for the Lord to open up some new doors.

Thank you all for your prayers!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well our time in Florida has ended and we are praising the Lord for a wonderful camp meeting at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral.  Pastor Bill Roan has invited us back these last three years and it was good to see all the folks again and get to know them a little better.  We had the privilege to stay with some folks who used to go to our church in Hamburg until they retired.

Even though it was a camp meeting, the Lord was really trying to draw the lost.  Every message preached - no matter what the original topic - was full of the gospel with conviction running deep.  Praise the Lord for two precious ladies coming forward and trusting Christ.  Both were dealt with about their false professions in the past and their need to give up and put their faith in the Lord.

Occasionally during a meeting like this there are people who come up after the service and talk for a couple of minutes, but almost every night there seemed to be people who needed some personal, one-on-one help.  One night I dealt with a lady for almost 45 minutes and I really believe she got the help from God she was looking for.  While not to this extent, this happened repeatedly all week long.  I am thankful for the opportunities to speak to people on that personal level and try to be a help.

The Holy Ghost really led in every service in the singing, the special music and the preaching.  Pastor Roan was excited to see God working in a real way.

Myself, Evangelist Bruce DeLange, Evangelist Paul Tripp, Pastor Eddie Wyatt and Evangelist Scott Matthews were the preachers for the week.  The Suttons, the DeLanges, Paul Tripp and the Rochesters provided the special music.

Another special blessing was to meet Bro. Steve Brown and his wife.  The Browns have a local church ministry to go to churches around the country hosting meetings and broadcast the services live over the internet.  They also produce the DVDs and CDs of the services and sell to those who want to purchase them.  Each service there was between 450 and 2000 computers logged on watching all over the world.

Here is a list of who preached during the services...

Sunday, January 6th
Evangelist Craig Cobb (am & pm)

Monday, January 7th
Evangelist Craig Cobb
Evangelist Bruce DeLange

Tuesday, January 8th
Evangelist Paul Tripp
Evangelist Craig Cobb

Wednesday, January 9th
Evangelist Bruce DeLange
Pastor Eddie Wyatt

Thursday, January 10th
Evangelist Scott Matthews
Pastor Eddie Wyatt

Friday, January 11th
Evangelist Craig Cobb
Evangelist Scott Matthews
Pastor Eddie Wyatt

To see the photo gallery of the meeting - you can CLICK HERE.
Steve Brown Ministries

Evangelism + Florida + January = PERFECT WILL OF GOD!!!

John & Sharon Sutton from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Evangelist & Mrs. Bruce DeLange from Lebanon, Ohio

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

Bro. Steve Brown getting the live streaming equipment ready

Pastor Eddie Wyatt preaching

The Rochesters

Evangelist Scott Matthews preaching

Off the porch where we stayed for the week!

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastor Bill Roan

New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida

Monday, January 14, 2013

GOOD CLOSE - FULL UPDATE COMING SOON - Camp Meeting at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida

We had a good day in church yesterday at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida. Evangelist Bruce DeLange preached in the morning and I preached last night. The Lord gave us a great final service. The church also voted to take Bro. DeLange and myself on for support and we are truly thankful. This was a direct answer to prayer. It is always sad having to say goodbye. We have enjoyed our three years here and look forward to coming back in 2014.

I will be posting a full report and some pictures in the coming days.

Friday, January 11, 2013


We've been blessed with a good meeting this week here at New Testament Baptist Church. I just wanted to remind everybody that tonight's final service will be live streamed on the church's website at We will have a full update with pictures after the meeting.  Evangelist Bruce DeLange and myself will be staying over to preach on Sunday.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The Lord sure has given us a great meeting thus far here in sunny southwest Florida!  I will give a full report after the meeting has ended but let me say that two precious souls have been saved in the services!!! What a blessing.

Bro. Steve Brown had to leave to get to his next meeting but the rest of the camp meeting will now be live streamed on the church's website at  The services begin at 7:00pm tonight and tomorrow. Evangelist Paul Tripp and the Rochesters will be singing and there will be more great preaching. Tune in!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


The camp meeting this week down here at New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida will be live streamed on the Internet by Steve Brown Ministries. The times are: Sunday at 11:00am and 6:00pm; Monday thru Wednesday at 7:00pm. The website to go to is

The camp meeting goes thru Friday but the live stream will only go thru Wednesday because of Bro. Brown's schedule. Please tune in if you can but at the least I would humbly ask that you be in prayer for this meeting. Pastor Roan really has a desire for the lost to be saved and the saints to get some help this week!

NEW TESTAMENT BAPTIST CHURCH - Camp Meeting - Cape Coral, Florida

We arrived safely yesterday afternoon on Cape Coral, Florida and are thankful for the Lord's safety and protection.  We are here at New Testament Baptist Church (Pastor Bill Roan) for their annual camp meeting.  This is our third year hear and are really praying for God to give us a great meeting.  I starts tomorrow and goes thru Friday.

The church's website can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This past year - 2012 - was a great year for us.  It was also our busiest in the eleven years we have been on the road full time.  God really has been SOOOO GOOD to the Cobb's and we are very thankful. 

We saw some people trust Christ which is the best part of serving the Lord.  There is no telling how many other decisions were made in the services of our revival meetings, camp meetings, pulpit supply, one- and two- day meetings, tent meetings, chapel services, youth rallies and so on.  Only eternity will reveal all that God has done with each and every one of us in the particular areas that God has called us.

The upcoming year of 2013 is shaping up to be another busy year and we are grateful for this as well.  Someone suggested to me to make up a map with all of the places we have been to this year.  I didn't know if I was going to publish it but once I started working on it I just looked and marveled at how the Lord has blessed us.  What a blessing to be serving the King of kings and Lord of lords!

Here is a brief summary of where we were in 2012:
  • JANUARY - Florida and Alabama
  • FEBRUARY - Indiana, New York and St. Lucia
  • MARCH - New York
  • APRIL - Maine and New Brunswick
  • MAY - Nova Scotia and Maine
  • JUNE - Indiana, New York and Ohio
  • JULY - Ohio, West Virginia and Connecticut
  • AUGUST - Maine and New York
  • SEPTEMBER - Ohio, Indiana and New York
  • OCTOBER - New York and Pennsylvania
  • NOVEMBER - Indiana
  • DECEMBER - Michigan, New York and North Carolina

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The blog has been redesigned and is looking sharp - check it out now by CLICKING HERE.

The newly redesigned blog of Evangelist Craig Cobb


Stacie and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2013!  It is our desire that all of us strive to serve the Lord even better in the new year.  Maybe this will be the year of His return!