Friday, November 6, 2015

October 2015 Update - Part Two


It was our privilege for the third year in a row to be back at Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Elbrdige - a little town about 20 miles west of Syracuse.  Pastor George Burkinshaw started this church over 35 years ago and has been faithful all these years.  On top of the struggles of pastoring the church - he is the sole care provider for his dear wife who is in the final stages of dimentia.  I admire him for being so determined to stick it out as long as he is able.  The devil has fought him very hard over the last couple of years in ways that are hard to believe but he has definitely stayed with the stuff.  Because of some circumstances we mutually agreed to just have a Sunday and Wednesday meeting instead of a multi-day revival.  Stacie and I enjoyed some good fellowship with the preacher and some of his people.  Many thanks to Pastor Dave Dunbar in Auburn for allowing us to park the bus there for the week.  It was our prayer to try and be an encouragement to this church.

Calvary Bible Baptist Church - Elbridge, New York

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastor George Burkinshaw


This was our first time being at this church located about 45 miles east of Columbus.  Troy Kahler served as the church's associate pastor for 14 years in the past.  The church called him to be the pastor back in January of this year.  Evangelist Gary Lutrick and myself preached for Bro. Kahler while he was in New York prior to this and it was a blessing for us both to be here for a meeting.  The church spent much time in prayer in the weeks leading up to the meeting with old fashioned "cottage prayer meetings" the week before.  Their efforts in prayer really were blessed as we had a GREAT meeting.  This was the first time this church had a meeting with two preachers in the same week.  Bro. Kahler reported to us all week about how his folks were telling him during how the Lord was working in their lives.  He also said people who he had never seen at the altar were there multiple times during the week.  I believe it is safe to say that this was really a REVIVAL meeting.  We are already looking forward to being back next October.

Grace Baptist Church - Newark, Ohio

Grace Baptist Church - Newark, Ohio

Pastor Troy Kahler - Grace Baptist Church - Newark, Ohio

The "Buckeye Bluegrass Gospel Boys" (and girl!) -
from Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio

Andrew (a young man traveling with Bro. Lutrick), Evangelist Gary Lutrick,
Pastor Troy Kahler and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Thursday, November 5, 2015

October 2015 Update - Part One


A meeting the first week of the month got cancelled and so Pastor Greg Ferguson at Buck Settlement Baptist Church asked me if I wanted to preach for him on that Sunday and Wednesday.  The Lord really moved in the Sunday and Wednesday night services.  The altars were full and the preacher said the messages were a real help to some folks who were struggling with some things in their lives.  Praise the Lord!


On Thursday, October 8th - Stacie and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.  I thank the Lord for the godly lady He gave me.  It is such a blessing to be married to your best friend.  She has been my help in life and the ministry.
Craig & Stacie Cobb - October 8, 1993


This was our fourth annual fall meeting here at Sempronius with Pastor Dennis Grimes and his folks.  They are a great church way out in the country in Central New York.  We had some great services during the week.  One of the young men who is in Bible college in Florida actually drove home (1100 miles each way) just to be in the meeting.  The church is doing good and has been seeing some visitors recently.  On Friday night of the meeting they have a youth rally and this year it was unique.  There were no skits - instead Pastor Grimes had a man come in from another church in the area and we had an old-fashion "singspiration".  Almost 200 teens from churches as far as 4 hours away came for the service.  After about 30 minutes of singing the Lord led me to preach the gospel message.  Any and all lost people there are now accountable for hearing the truth and we pray the seed that was planted will be used to bring a great harvest.

Good special music from the young people

Ethan - church song leader at 17 years old. And does a great job!

Pastor Dennis Grimes - Sempronius Baptist Church in Moravia, New York