Wednesday, July 24, 2013


We have enjoyed our time in Connecticut and this morning we hit the road for the seven-hour trip north to Dover Foxcroft, Maine to be with New Life Baptist Church (Pastor David Ireland).  We will be there for over two weeks taking the "Gospel Station" to Maine's northern-most town and then also for the church's 20th Anniversary Meeting.

I will be posting more details on this trip in the next few days.

Church website: New Life Baptist Church
Gospel Station website: Gospel Station on Wheels

Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


JULY 7-14

Mid-July always finds us in Columbus, Ohio under the old-fashioned gospel tent for another meeting at Amazing Grace Baptist Church.  It was good to be with Pastor Jimmy Hood and the folks there again.  Before I go any further I would ask you to earnestly be in prayer for Bro. Hood's wife, Karen.  She was diagnosed with leukemia last year and has other health problems and she is not doing well at all. 

The meeting went very well and we praise the Lord for all that He did.  People were encouraged and got help and the fellowship with the saints was a blessing.  I had the privilege of preaching four times during the week.  On Wednesday I got to preach and a young man named Jacob trusted Christ - AMEN!!!  All total I believe three souls were saved - again - AMEN!!!

There was lots of wonderful preaching, special music and congregational singing.  It was good to see some people we have not seen in several years as well as some folks we get to see every year in Columbus.  The church folks worked very hard all week preparing meals, getting the tent ready before and after the services and picking people up for church. 

We had morning services Tuesday thru Friday.  Sometimes the morning services are the best with lots of help coming from the preaching.  On Wednesday and Friday we went to downtown Columbus to do some public ministering by handing out tracts and street preaching.  A couple of people got saved there as well - AMEN!

This was our 12th consecutive year at this meeting and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be back!

Here is a list of those who preached during the week:
  • Evangelist George McDowell
  • Evangelist Don Hardman
  • Evangelist Craig Cobb
  • Pastor Toure Carter
  • Pastgor Rick Drummond
  • Pastor Ken McFadden
  • Pastor Keith Woodby
  • Pastor Bob Nogalski
  • Evangelist Earl Ankrom
  • Evangelist Buster Kinsey
  • Evangelist Greg Pritchard
  • Evangelist Mark McGaughey
Pastor Jimmy Hood - Amazing Grace Baptist Church - Columbus, Ohio

The Miller Family from Amazing Grace singing

Young men from Amazing Grace singing for the Lord

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

More special music

The Drummonds and the Queens

Pastor Toure Carter preaching

Joel and Missy Berkheimer singing

Keith and Amy Woodby singing

Pastor Ken McFadden preaching

The Grace Girls

Laura Hardman singing

Pastor Bob Nogalski preaching

Evangelist George McDowell preaching

Evangelist Buster Kinsey

Brother Woody and Miss Alice

Pastor Rick Drummond preaching

The Tolbert Family singing

Evangelist Don Hardman preaching

The Gospel Tent set up in Columbus, Ohio

Evangelist Mark McGaughey preaching

Evangelist Greg Pritchard preaching

Saturday, July 20, 2013


JUNE 30 - JULY 5

The 25th Anniversary Camp Meeting at Liberty Baptist Church in Miamisburg, Ohio went very well.  It was a blessing to be back.  You may recall we were there last year for the 24th meeting.  This year I had the honor of preaching with Pastor Vane Bush from West Virginia.  He was in evangelism for many years and I have known him a good while but we have never preached together.  Special music was provided by the Seminole String Band, the Parks children and Mrs. Dee Dee Hall.

On the 4th of July the church always has a big family picnic.  The rain did not dampen anybody's spirits and a great time was had by all with church later in the afternoon. 

God has blessed Liberty with several families originally from India who have now been saved and added to the church.  They are reaching their friends and families and the church has had extended outreach ministry trying to reach more of the Indian community.

A big THANK YOU to Pastor Craig Lovell and his wife, Sugi, and the church for taking such good care of us during our stay.  I believe we have been coming around Liberty for about 10 or 11 years now and it has been a blessing to see the church moving on for the Lord!

This was the theme for the meeting

The choir did a great job each service

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

Seminole String Band - The Norton Family

Congregational singing

The Children's Choir sang a few songs with the sign language accompaniement

Pastor and Mrs. Craig Lovell

Special music

Pastor Vane Bush, Pastor Craig Lovell and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Pastor Vane Bush preaching up a storm!

The Parks Children did a great job again this year!

Mrs. Dee Dee Hall singing

Liberty Baptist Church in Miamisburg, Ohio celebrating 25 years serving the Lord!

Friday, July 19, 2013


The Lord blessed the meeting in West Virginia. I am way overdue on updates and I plan to take care of that soon. We had no internet access in West Virginia (shocker, I know!) We are currently stopped over for the night on our way from West Virginia to Connecticut.  I will be preaching Sunday night at First Bible Baptist Church for Pastor Tom Benson.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

NEXT STOP: West Virginia

We had a great week in Columbus, Ohio at Amazing Grace Baptist Church for their annual tent meeting.  Pastor Jimmy Hood and the church are always so gracious and we appreciate it. I will post some more details and pictures from the meeting this week.  I also need to give an update on last week's meeting in Miamisburg.

We hit the road tomorrow morning and head to Harrisville, West Virginia to be in a meeting with Evangelist Don Hardman.  Say tuned for updates!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


It has been a good week here at Liberty Baptist Church in Miamisburg, Ohio.  I will post a final update and pictures in a few days.

Later this morning we will finish packing up the van and hit the road for the one hour drive east on I-70 to Columbus.  Tomorrow is the beginning of the annual tent meeting at Amazing Grace Baptist Church where Jimmy Hood is the pastor.  The folks there are really excited about the meeting and we have all been praying since last year for another great meeting.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DAYS 1&2 - LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH - Miamisburg, Ohio

We have had a great first couple of days to the meeting at Liberty Baptist Church here in Miamisburg, Ohio.  This meeting is not only the annual camp meeting but it is also their anniversary.  This year Pastor Craig Lovell and the folks are celebrating the church's 25 anniversary.  Bro. Lovell started the church and has stayed with it all these years.  He and his wife are precious people who have been faithful through the ups and the downs.

I had the privilege of preaching all three services yesterday.  Pastor Vane Bush and I started preaching together tonight and will continue for the rest of the meeting.  I am excited to preach our first meeting together.  Bro. Bush was in evangelism for many years and has been pastoring for two years now down in West Virginia. 

The Parks Children and the Seminole String Band are singing the special music for this week along with various groups from the church.  Tonight there was a packed house with folks from other churches visiting.  Pastors Rick Drummond and Tom Gresham came out and supported the meeting and it was good to see them again.  It was a blessing to get to meet the Norton Family (Seminole String Band).  We have heard about them for a few years but our paths have not crossed until now.  Another special guest for the week is Mrs. Dee Dee Hall.  Many of you may know that her husband, Danny, passed away last year.  They traveled and sang in churches for many years and were a great blessing and encouragement everywhere they went.

The theme for the week is "Awake Out of Sleep" - what a thought!

Here are a couple of links related to the meeting:
Liberty Baptist Church
Seminole String Band
Danny Hall Remembrance Website

Here are some pictures from the Sunday and Monday services...

Miamisburg is just outside of Dayton

Theme - "Awake Out of Sleep"

This couple recently finished the church's discipleship course and got baptized Sunday morning

Liberty Baptist Church Choir

Good congregational singing

Mrs. Kendrick singing a special

Bro. Barrie singing a special

Bro. Wright singing

The Parks Kids singing

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

The Seminole String Band

Pastor Vane Bush preaching