Tuesday, July 23, 2013


JULY 7-14

Mid-July always finds us in Columbus, Ohio under the old-fashioned gospel tent for another meeting at Amazing Grace Baptist Church.  It was good to be with Pastor Jimmy Hood and the folks there again.  Before I go any further I would ask you to earnestly be in prayer for Bro. Hood's wife, Karen.  She was diagnosed with leukemia last year and has other health problems and she is not doing well at all. 

The meeting went very well and we praise the Lord for all that He did.  People were encouraged and got help and the fellowship with the saints was a blessing.  I had the privilege of preaching four times during the week.  On Wednesday I got to preach and a young man named Jacob trusted Christ - AMEN!!!  All total I believe three souls were saved - again - AMEN!!!

There was lots of wonderful preaching, special music and congregational singing.  It was good to see some people we have not seen in several years as well as some folks we get to see every year in Columbus.  The church folks worked very hard all week preparing meals, getting the tent ready before and after the services and picking people up for church. 

We had morning services Tuesday thru Friday.  Sometimes the morning services are the best with lots of help coming from the preaching.  On Wednesday and Friday we went to downtown Columbus to do some public ministering by handing out tracts and street preaching.  A couple of people got saved there as well - AMEN!

This was our 12th consecutive year at this meeting and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be back!

Here is a list of those who preached during the week:
  • Evangelist George McDowell
  • Evangelist Don Hardman
  • Evangelist Craig Cobb
  • Pastor Toure Carter
  • Pastgor Rick Drummond
  • Pastor Ken McFadden
  • Pastor Keith Woodby
  • Pastor Bob Nogalski
  • Evangelist Earl Ankrom
  • Evangelist Buster Kinsey
  • Evangelist Greg Pritchard
  • Evangelist Mark McGaughey
Pastor Jimmy Hood - Amazing Grace Baptist Church - Columbus, Ohio

The Miller Family from Amazing Grace singing

Young men from Amazing Grace singing for the Lord

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

More special music

The Drummonds and the Queens

Pastor Toure Carter preaching

Joel and Missy Berkheimer singing

Keith and Amy Woodby singing

Pastor Ken McFadden preaching

The Grace Girls

Laura Hardman singing

Pastor Bob Nogalski preaching

Evangelist George McDowell preaching

Evangelist Buster Kinsey

Brother Woody and Miss Alice

Pastor Rick Drummond preaching

The Tolbert Family singing

Evangelist Don Hardman preaching

The Gospel Tent set up in Columbus, Ohio

Evangelist Mark McGaughey preaching

Evangelist Greg Pritchard preaching

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