Monday, May 12, 2014

McKENZIE CORNER BAPTIST CHURCH - McKenzie Corner, New Brunswick, Canada

MAY 4-8...

It is hard to believe that this was our 5th consecutive year being with Pastor Andy Nissley and the good folks at McKenzie Corner Baptist Church.  One difference to the meeting this year was preaching with Evangelist Gerald Fielder.  I have known of Bro. Fielder for a few years but just met him in Maine last August.  Ironically it was Bro. Fielder who told us about the bus being for sale.  This was our first meeting together and the Lord gave us a great meeting.

The people have come together with a great spirit of unity like never before and it really was evident in the meeting.  There were several visitors during the course of the week.

No doubt the highlight of the meeting was a man named Paul who got saved on Tuesday.  It's a long story but when he showed up for church Sunday morning it was the first time he had ever stepped inside of a church in his 38 years.  He came back Sunday night, showed up at the preacher's house Tuesday before church and then came to church and got saved Tuesday night and was back on Thursday night! PRAISE THE LORD!!! There is a lot more to the story but please pray for Paul in his new walk with the Lord.

I enjoyed singing with the guys but don't know if I 'added' anything!

Evangelist Gerald Fielder, Pastor Andy Nissley, Evangelist Craig Cobb

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