Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Back in March we were able to be back to the annual Chattahoochie Valley Baptist Camp Meeting in Valley, Alabama.  This is the ministry of Evangelist Ronnie Trenton out of Emmanuel Baptist Church (Pastor Jeff Thorn).  We attended this meeting the first five or six years we were in evangelism but because of a schedule change to our Missions Conference, we have had to miss the past few years and it was a blessing to be back.

I had the privilege of opening up the meeting on Sunday morning.  One of the best ways to describe this meeting is that it really is a cool drink of water.  Bro. Trenton's burden is to provide a good, encouraging meeting where the saints of God can just come and take a break and get refreshed without any pressure of having to worry about what is expected of them.  And let me say that it is just that!  I did not realize how much I needed that 'drink of water' until the meeting was well underway.

It was good to get to see so many preacher friends and folks we have come to know and love over the years.  It has been many years since we have seen a lot of the people there.  Stacie had the opportunity to speak to the ladies during one of their afternoon sessions.  She was also able to interpret for a sweet deaf lady.  Maria Podbereski is a missionary to the deaf and the Lord is all over this lady.  We had never heard of or met her before this week.  We immediately hit it off with her as she has a great personality and likes to have fun.  We have maintained contact with her since the meeting a few weeks ago and are looking forward to seeing her again in New York in September.

Below are a few pictures from the meeting.  I created a photo gallery with more pictures on Photobucket and you can check them out by CLICKING HERE.

Emmanuel Baptist Church choir doing a great job singing!

Evangelist Paul Tripp singing

Evangelist David Evans preaching

Evangelist Jerry & Mrs. Betty Monday singing

Deaf Missionary to the Deaf - Maria Podbereski

Pastor Randall Boatner preaching

Pastor J.T. Baskins preaching

The old gospel tent ready for another season of meetings!

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