Thursday, April 25, 2013


April started off up in Dover Foxcroft, Maine at New Life Baptist Church with Pastor David Ireland.  This was our ninth spring revival here and what a time we had!  If I could describe the meeting in just one word it would be this: HELP.  Back in February I heard a preacher use a verse about "continuing".  When he read that verse the Lord said "That's the theme for Maine!" and we began praying along that line.  The Lord blessed with good liberty each and every service and the altars were full each time as well.  Several people expressed how they had got some major victories over some things they have been dealing with - some for a long time!  It was such a blessing to hear about the Lord helping His people in such a way.  A few visitors were out and a couple other pastors and churches came to support the meeting too.

Another special blessing is that my mom was able to travel up and join us for the meeting.  She used to come with us all the time but that was when we left from home to go up there and then go back home right after.  This was her first time back in three years and the folks were so happy to see her and she was excited to see them.

We will be going back to Dover Foxcroft for a couple weeks after our time in Nova Scotia to help in their efforts to blitz some towns with gospel packets that have tracts as well as John & Romans.

There are a few pics below.  I created a photo gallery with more pictures on Photobucket.  You can view them by CLICKING HERE.

Pastor David Ireland - New Life Baptist Church - Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Pastor Isaiah Hill - Sebec Corner Baptist Church - Sebec, Maine

What a theme the Lord gave us!

Stacie and I singing during the last service

The altars were full each night!

Sign out in front of the church by the road promoting the meeting

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