Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DAY #3 - Tent Revival at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church


Day #3 began with a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit prepared by the ladies of Cornerstone.  After breakfast we all went upstairs for the the first morning service of the meeting.

After some congregational singing, the first message was brought by Pastor Damey of Faith Bible Baptist Church in Medina, New York.  Bro. Damey preached from the book of Nehemiah on some things we need to remember.  The second message was preached by Pastor William O'Dell of Hunters Creek Bible Baptist Church in Holland, New York.  Pastor O'Dell preached a heart-stirring message entitled "Some Things We Can Expect".  He shared some personal victories and heartaches and all present were helped and blessed.

One of the highlights of the morning was the attendance of a very special visitor.  Mrs. Nora Rawls is currently traveling around the country visiting with some of the churches that she and her husband have been in over the years.  The Rawls were faithful missionaries for many years to Mexico.  For the last 15+ years their ministry was traveling the United States (and some foreign countries) preaching missions conferences.  Bro. Richard Rawls preached our annual missions conference at Old Time for 19 years.  Bro. Rawls went home to be with the Lord back in September.  This was the first time I have seen Mrs. Rawls in a year and it sure was good to see her!

I was able to bring the final message of the morning and God again helped me to preach His glorious word.

Congregational singing

Pastor Damey from Faith Bible Baptist Church in Medina, New York

Pastor William O'Dell from Hunters Creek Bible Baptist Church in Holland, New York

Host Pastor - Jack Britt, Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church


It was a very good night under the ole gospel tent this evening.  Of course there was spirited congregational singing led by music director Bro. Bill Cox.  A special treat was the adult choir from Lighthouse Baptist Church in North Tonawanda, New York.  They sang a few old fashioned revival hymns much to the delight of those in attendance as evidenced by the "Amen's" shouted out.  The CrossPoint String Band also sang before the message.

My friend, Evangelist Dan Martin preached a very convicting message from II Kings and II Chronicles about removing the high places in our lives.  He took the time to explain how there were nine kings in Judah who the Lord describes as good kings, but only four of the nine kings removed the high places.  Bro. Martin emphasized the need of every individual to remove everything in our life that we set up as an idol that we put before God.  There was a very good response during the invitation.

There have been many visitors from around the community in attendance both last night and tonight.  They seem to be really enjoying the services and even responding during the invitations.  We are praying that they keep coming.

Revival - the great need of our churches today

Myself with Pastor Robert Neisen of Open Bible Baptist Church in Tonawanda, New York.  A good friend for 20 years.

Lighthouse Baptist Church choir singing the "old stuff"

CrossPoint String Band - Glenn & Shelly Kosiorek

CrossPoint String Band - Rick & Sarah Vella

Evangelist Dan Martin preaching on "Remove The High Places"

***Link to Lighthouse Baptist Church in North Tonawanda, New York

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