Tuesday, December 10, 2013

VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH - Clarkston, Michigan

This past week (December 1-8) we were at Victory Baptist Church in Clarkston, Michigan for their annual revival meeting.  Pastor Bob Nogalski and I have been good friends for many years and it was good to be back there again.  The preachers for the week were:
  • Evangelist Craig Cobb (Hamburg, New York)
  • Evangelist Bob Foltz (Toledo. Ohio)
  • Evangelist Mark McGaughey (Pell City, Alabama)
  • Evangelist Charlie Tenney (Flatwoods, West Virginia)
The Nogalski children sang lots of special music during the meeting as well as did other members of the church and it added a lot to the meeting.  Bro. Nogalski said all of the preaching was good and a help to the church.  This was our second year being a part of this meeting and we are looking forward to next year.  I would encourage anybody who could possibly make it to their annual "Beggars Meeting" to do so.  It is a great camp meeting-style meeting and you would get a blessing from it.  The dates are May 4-9, 2014.

Good congregational music

Pastor Bob Nogalski - Victory Baptist Church - Clarkston, Michigan

Susanna & Kezia Nogalski and Christa Duty singing special music

The Evans Family sang Thursday and Friday night

Evangelist Charlie Tenney

Evangelist Mark McGaughey

Clarkston, Michigan (courtesy of TownMapsUSA.com)

Evangelist Craig Cobb, Pastor Bob Nogalski, Evangelist Bob Foltz

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