Saturday, December 14, 2013


During the meeting at Sempronius Baptist Church back in October I received a phone call informing me that Pastor Craig Lovell of Liberty Baptist Church in Miamisburg, Ohio went home to be with the Lord.  Pastor Vane Bush and I preached the church's 25th anniversary camp meeting back in July.  A few days after the meeting Bro. Lovell got sick and went in the hospital.  Nobody expected that he would never preach again or come home from the hospital but that is exactly what the Lord's will turned out to be.  Bro. Lovell was a dear friend for many, many years and I am so thankful to have been able to go to the wake and the funeral.

A huge honor was that I was asked to preach the first church service after Bro. Lovell's graduation.  I preached the Sunday School hour and Pastor Dennis Hicks from Sweetwater, Tennessee preached the morning service.  The viewing was Sunday night and the funeral was Monday morning.

The entire church felt the tremendous loss but for a lot of people in the church Bro. Lovell was the only pastor they ever had.  The funeral was a very powerful time of worship to the Lord and honor for Pastor Lovell.  His dear wife, Sugi, gave the final testimony and the Lord smiled on her and the presence of God moved in in a great way.  Myself and six other men were asked to speak for a few minutes and Pastor Cliff Parks gave the message.

Please be in prayer for Liberty Baptist Church as they are now in the process of finding God's will in selecting their next pastor.

Pastor Craig and Mrs. Sugi Lovell - Liberty Baptist Church - Miamisburg, Ohio

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