Friday, December 13, 2013


It was good to be back for our second meeting at Sempronius Baptist Church in Moravia, New York where Dennis Grimes is the pastor.  You talk about a country church - this sure is one!  It was started in 1791 and  has a long history of standing for the Bible.  The theme for the week was "Press On".  On Sunday we had the morning services and an old-fashioned "dinner on the grounds" with an afternoon service.  They actually do this every week and it is what a lot of the churches used to do way back when.

The services during the week were good with people and pastors from many area churches in attendance.  Again this year the church hosted a youth rally on Friday night at the close of the meeting.  I believe over 100 young people from churches as far as two hours away were in attendance.  Many of them I remember from last year.  As is common at this time of year with the weather changing, some people were out sick and some were battling colds, but despite that we had a good meeting and the Lord blessed.

PRESS ON - the theme for the week

Evangelist Craig Cobb and Pastor Dennis Grimes

Sempronius Baptist Church - Moravia, New York

Sempronius Baptist Church - Moravia, New York

Moravia, New York - courtesy of

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