Monday, December 9, 2013


I want to thank all of those who prayed for the purchase of our new motor home (RV).  If you have followed the blog and our prayer letters, you are aware of what the Lord has been doing.  I am happy to report to you that the Lord blessed in a MIRACULOUS way and we are now in possession of a 1997 Newmar Mountain Aire bus!!!  Many people prayed and gave sacrificially towards this and from the bottom of our hearts, Stacie and I say a big THANK YOU to each and every one who had a part - whether it was prayerfully or financially or both.  I do not mean to slight anybody who gave and I hope nobody feels that way, but I want to give a special mention of the First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church of Franklin, Indiana and Pastor Kent Kirchmeyer.  This church - through special offerings and individual gifts and a lot of effort - gave over half of the money towards the motor home.  Several churches gave wide-ranging amounts and it is all appreciated.

We picked up the bus in Summerville, South Carolina Thanksgiving week and made it safely to Indiana where the bus will stay until we pick it up after Christmas and head to our first meeting of 2014 in Florida.  I want to make special mention also of the dear folks who we purchased it from - Evangelist Bill and Mrs. Naomi Pittsenbarger.  They have been in evangelism for well over 40 years and are wonderful folks.  We had never met or heard of them until August when we found out about the bus.  Because of health issues, he is not able to travel any more therefore the need to sell it.  We have become good friends these last months and we are so grateful for all they did for us in getting the unit ready for us to pick up.

Let me say that it is exciting and intense driving a 41-foot aircraft carrier (haha!!) down the interstate and even more exciting driving it through small towns.  When we first started in evangelism 12 years ago we had a 28-foot camper which at the time was a decent size.  However, going from 28-foot long / 8-foot wide / 10-feet tall to 41-foot long / 8.5-foot wide / 12-feet tall takes it to a whole new dimension!!!  I am so thankful for safety on our trip to pick it up.

Again - thank you to EVERYBODY who helped and we ask for your continued prayers for the bus to run well and for me as I learn all there is to learn in operating and maintaining it.

Behind the wheel of the "big rig" our first day of driving

I get to pull in with the "big boys" for diesel fuel.  (And pay "big boy prices" too!!!)

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