Friday, September 28, 2012


First let me say that these last couple of weeks were one of those rare times with absolutely no internet access so that is why this post is so late.

We had a great meeting at the Central Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama this last week (September 16-21, 2012) where Jeff Thorn is the Pastor.  Evangelist David Evans, Evangelist Jeff Beck (Colt, Arkansas) and myself were the preachers for the week.  The Lord gave much liberty and unction to us as we endeavored to preach the word of God.  There was lots of good special music during the meeting provided by the Evans Family and the Beck Family.

Because of much rain that came Sunday and Monday the services were held in the church.  We were able to move into the tent on Tuesday and stayed there for the rest of the week.  The following was the preaching schedule for the week:

Sunday School: Craig Cobb
Sunday Morning: David Evans
Sunday Evening: Jeff Beck
Monday: David Evans
Tuesday: Craig Cobb and Jeff Beck
Wednesday: David Evans
Thursday: Gabe Beck and Jeff Beck
Friday: Craig Cobb

Pastor Thorn really had a burden to honor a special couple in his church for their faithfulness and hard work to the Lord and so this took place during the Monday night service.  The choir from Emmanuel Baptist Church (Pastor Darren White) in Valley, Alabama provided the special music.  Emmanuel is only about 10 minutes down the road from Central.  Bro. Evans preached a great message on servants.  At the end of the service Bro. Charlie and Mrs. Bobbie were brought to the front of the sanctuary and Pastor Thorn bragged on their faithfulness, servant spirit and willingness to just help wherever needed around the church.  A special offering was taken to be a blessing to this great couple.  They are truly deserving of all that was done and they sure did not expect anything.

The ladies of the church worked really hard at making meals for the fellowship supper that took place each night.  The food was delicious and we enjoyed it all: ham, lasagna, vegetables and all the usual southern specialties - fried chicken, barbeque, fried green "maters", fried okra and so on.

The Lord really moved in the services and it was good to see many local churches come out each night and support the meeting.  It was good to see many friends from the area we have gotten to know over the years.

Pastor Thorn asked Bro. Evans and I if we could stay over and preach the following Sunday (September 23rd) and we gladly said yes.  It was an old fashioned day with the morning services, dinner on the grounds and then an afternoon service.  I preached the Sunday School hour, Bro. Evans in the morning service and Bro. Thorn closed it out in the afternoon.

There are some pictures below and I have also posted a photo gallery online and you can check it out by clicking here.

Central Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama
Evangelist Craig Cobb, Pastor Jeff Thorn and Evangelist David Evans
The Teen Choir did a great job each night

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching Sunday morning

Evangelist David Evans preaching Sunday morning

Evangelist Jeff Beck preaching Sunday night

Emmanuel Baptist Church choir

Pastor Jeff Thorn honoring "Bro. Charlie and Mrs. Bobbie"

Bro. Jerry Boswell and Evangelist Craig Cobb

The Beck Family singing

Pastor Jeff Thorn - Central Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama

Mrs. Bobbie Evans and Mrs. Stacie Cobb

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