Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Out with the "old"...

We arrived home safely from Maine yesterday. 

Tonight is the last service in our old building at Old Time Baptist Church before heading over to Camp Road and I am really looking forward to it.  Stacie and I were able to go to the new building today and look around.  It is the first time we have seen it since it has been finished and let me say that it looks AWESOME!!!  What a miraculous blessing and testimony of the working hand of God.  It is hard to believe that the move is almost here!

Here are a couple of pictures I took this afternoon as well as an aerial shot of the Gowanda State Road property (which I did NOT take - the internet is a wonderful thing!).  The building dedication at the new building is Friday night.  I will post more on Friday.
Sign in front of 6790 Gowanda State Road

Old Time Baptist Church - 6790 Gowanda State Road in Hamburg, New York

6790 Gowanda State Road - The home of Old Time Baptist Church for 21 years (1991-2012)

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