Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We are so excited to be back at New Life Baptist Church (Pastor David Ireland) in Dover Foxcroft, Maine.  We began coming up hear for an annual spring revival meeting back in 2004.  This is the first time we have been here for their summer tent meeting.  Next year is the church's 20th anniversary and they are having a camp meeting.  This is the first revival meeting they have ever had where there has been more than one preacher so Pastor Ireland wanted to lead into a multi-preacher meeting with having two preachers this year.

It is good to be with our good friends again - Evangelist David Evans and his family.  We have the privilege of being in meetings together a few times a year and we always enjoy our time with them.  He and I have been praying for God to give us some joint revival meetings and this is our second of three this year.

The meeting started Sunday morning in the church building because some of the more senior members of the church have a hard time in the heat and it would be difficult for them to endure a hot tent in the middle of the day.  The Lord blessed and we had three first-time visitors which was a great encouragement to the church.  I had the privilege of opening the meeting by preaching on revival.  Sunday night we moved to the tent and Bro. Evans preached this service and preached a great message on "A Bottle in the Smoke" from the book of Psalms.

Last night (Monday) was another good night for the first weeknight service of the meeting.  There were visitors from other churches around the area as well as northern Maine and some even traveled from New Brunswick, Canada - a good three-hour drive.  There was special music from the Canadians and the Evans Family.  I was the only preacher of the night and God led me to preach a new message called "The Gospel Just Makes Sense".  The altar was full and the lost were preached to.

Tonight (Tuesday) the crowd was down just a bit but part of the group from Canada came back - what a blessing.  The Evans Family again sang some good special music then I got to preach first.  Bro. Evans preached second on the Rapture and it was not only an encouraging message but a very convicting message as well.

After the evening services we have been having refreshments in the church's fellowship hall with most everybody sticking around and enjoying a good time together with God's people.  I really believe that the services themselves are half of the meeting and the fellowship times before and after are the other half of the meeting and really add to it.  People who do not enjoy being with God's people really miss out and it is sad.

Tomorrow night Bro. Evans will be preaching.  I hope you enjoy some pictures taken thus far...

Sign by the road at the church inviting the public to join us

This is the side of the tent seen by folks driving on the road going by the church

Evangelist David Evans and family singing during the Sunday morning service. Next to him is his wife, Bobbie.  The children from left to right are Jacob, Amber and Corey.

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching in the Sunday morning service.

Pastor David Ireland - New Life Baptist Church - Dover Foxcroft, Maine

Evangelist David Evans preaching Sunday night


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