Wednesday, September 4, 2013

UPDATE FROM AUGUST - Camp Meeting at New Life Baptist Church in DOver Foxcroft, Maine

This is our final "catch up" update from August...

After getting back from northern Maine we started the first annual camp meeting at New Life Baptist Church in Dover Foxcroft.  Pastor David Ireland planned this meeting a couple of years ago to coincide with the church's 20th anniversary.  Evangelist Gary Lutrick preached a revival at New Life every fall.  I preach a revival there every spring and Evangelsit David Evans preaches a tent meeting there in the summer.  Bro. Ireland wanted to have all three of us there and have a camp meeting.

This was an absolutely phenomenal meeting.  There was no doubt as to the presence of God in each and every service.  The Lord blessed in the singing and in the preaching.  The spirit in the services was just so sweet and people really came with a desire to meet with God.  We had morning services Tuesday thru Friday and evening services Sunday thru Friday.

  • Missionary Chuck Barnes
  • Evangelist Craig Cobb
  • Evangelist David Evans
  • Evangelist Gary Hawkins
  • Pastor Roger Hedgepath
  • Pastor Isaiah Hill
  • Evangelist Gary Lutrick
  • Evangelist August Rozado
  • Missionary Ted Snyder

Evangelist Craig Cobb

Evangelist David Evans

Evangelist Gary Lutrick

The Hawkins family singing

Evangelist Gary Hawkins

Bro. Jerry Rideout singing

Great special music!

Pastor Roger Hedgepath preaching

The Evans and Cobb families singing

The Snyder family singing

Pastor Isaiah Hill preaching and Pastor David Irealnd looking on

Evangelist August Rozado

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