Friday, September 6, 2013

UPDATE FROM JULY - Evangelism in Northern Maine

Here is the second of three updates from July and August...

After we arrived in Maine we started preparing for the first annual camp meeting at New Life Baptist Church.  The week before the meeting a group ten folks headed up to the northeastern most town in the United States - Madawaska, Maine.  It has been the burden of Pastor David Ireland for many years to do open air meetings in the un-churched areas of Maine.  They have built what they call a "Gospel Station".  It is a mobile trailer with a pulpit and sound system that can be set up basically anywhere to conduct these open air services.

Pastor Ireland, a family from the church, Evangelist David Evans & family and the Cobb's loaded up the vehicles to make the six hour drive up north on a Monday.  We spent Tuesday thru Thursday mornings and afternoons blitzing the towns of Frenchville and Madawaska, Maine with packets containing a John & Romans, gospel tracts and then a flyer with the service information on it.  Tuesday and Thursday nights we set up the Gospel Station on the properties of a couple of families of the Madawaska Gospel Church.  Wednesday night we set it up in the parking lot of the church.  While this church is not Baptistic in name, they are strait on the Book and salvation and they offered to help us in any way they can.

The devil fought the preaching of the gospel but the Lord ultimately got the victory.  Many people from the church came out to all of the services with many visitors also attending.  People in the neighborhoods stood on street corners, their yards and even behind trees and listened to the gospel being preached.

Bro. Evans and myself both preached simple salvation messages each of the three nights.  Almost 1600 packets were handed out in the day times.  This may seem like a relatively small number to some but you must understand that a majority of the areas we hit were very rural with some houses being up to a mile apart.

Please pray for a young man named Adam.  There is a long story with him but it boils down to he is a teenage young man who knows he is lost and needs to be saved.  The Lord allowed Adam and I to be friends during the week and we talked several times.  I have stayed in contact with him since we left and he is still not saved but he is searching for God.

For more information you can check out the Gospel Station website:  Gospel Station on Wheels

The blue dot is the town of Madawaska, Maine - the northeastern most city in the United States

Evangelist David Evans and I leading the singing

Evangelist David Evans and family singing

The Gospel Station set up

Evangelist David Evans preaching

Madawaska, Maine - the northeastern most town in the United States

The Gospel Station on the grounds of Madawaska Gospel Church

Frenchville, Maine

Evangelist Craig Cobb preaching

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