Monday, February 9, 2015

Amazing Meeting at Tabernacle Baptist Church - Lake City, Florida

Last week I traveled with my buddy - Evangelist Gary Lutrick to Georgia and Florida. On Sunday he preached at Swamp Road Baptist Church in Waycross, Georgia and Emmanuel Baptist Church in Lyons, Georgia. We had good services and it was good to meet these folks for the first time.

Sunday night we traveled three hours south to Lake City, Florida to be at the Fellowship Meeting at Tabernacle Baptist Church where Mike Norman is the pastor. I have never been to a better camp meeting in my life. God moved in in a BIG, unexplainable way every service. The best way to describe it was that it was a cool drink of water. It was definitely one of those "you just had to be there" meetings. 

It was also good to see a lot of folks I know and some of them I haven't seen in many years. I also got to meet some folks who I have heard of. 
   Evangelist Buddy Blunkall and his wife
   Evangelist David Nix
   Evangelist Daniel Waters
   Bro. Bill Hanks
   Pastor Brad Hanks
   Evangelist Jerry Monday
   Evangelist Phil Schipper
   Evangelist Ron Hoy
   Evangelist J.E. Glass
   John & Sharon Sutton
   The Enlighteners
   Bro. Jesse Kragiel
   Evangelist Dean McNease
   And there were others...

Tabernacle Baptist Church - Lake City, Florida

Pastor Mike Norman of Tabernacle Baptist Church

The Hendersons singing

Evangelist Buddy Blunkall and his wife, Phyllis

Evangelist J.E. Glass

Roscoe Creed

Evangelists J.E. Glass and Roscoe Creed praying over the young preachers

Evangelist Gary Lutrick

Evangelist David Nix

Evangelist Jerry Monday and his wife, Betty

Evangelist Dean McNease

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