Monday, December 31, 2012

FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH - Elizabeth City, North Carolina - December 30th

After shoveling out from the 12 inches of snow we got overnight last Wednesday, we made our way to Moyock, North Carolina to visit with Stacie's parents.  We made a small pit stop in Bath, New York to have lunch with Pastor Greg Ferguson's (Buck Settlement Baptist Church) daughter and her husband on the way. Pastor and Mrs. Ferguson were originally supposed to join us but they were still digging out from the snow!  We spent the night in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the same hotel we stayed at on our Hurricane Sandy vacation.  See the November 5th post about that fun adventure.  We arrived safely Friday afternoon.

Stacie's brother and one of her sisters live in the area.  Another one of her sisters and her family drove over from the Hillsborough area for the weekend. We had nice family meal to celebrate Stacie's, her brother's, her sister's and my birthday on Saturday afternoon.  Now don't get worried - you haven't missed my birthday - it's in January.  I am sure you would like to know that so you can send lots of cards and expensive gifts!  Cash is preferred.  JUST KIDDING!!! (Well - kind of - anyways, never mind - I'll change the subject!)

Yesterday we went to church with Stacie's mom and dad to their church - Faith Baptist Church in Elizabeth City.  Their pastor - Bryan Pease - called me last week and asked me if I would teach his Sunday School class for the adults.  It went well and it sounded like the Lord used the message.  Pastor Pease has invited me back for the future and I am thankful.

We are spending New Year's eve and day here and then head to Cape Coral, Florida on Wednesday for our next meeting.

Faith Baptist Church - Elizabeth, City, North Carolina

Faith Baptist Church - Elizabeth, City, North Carolina

Faith Baptist Church - Elizabeth, City, North Carolina

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