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I had the privilege this past Sunday (December 9, 2012) to preach for one of my heroes - Pastor Don Green of Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan.  Bro. Green came to our church's new building dedication back in May and he invited me to come preach for him.  By and by we established the date for Sunday.  I have known Dr. Green for many years and he is a great man of God.  He is known as a man of prayer and deep convictions. He is 84 years old and has been the pastor at Parker Memorial for an amazing 57 years.

Outside of seeing the Green's at our camp meeting and a little fellowship there, Stacie and I have never really spent any extended time with them.  When we arrived in town they picked us up and we went to a local restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal.  On Sunday we went over to their home and had lunch.  A family who has been visiting the church for a few weeks also came over.  Then again after the evening service we went over to the house and enjoyed some more fellowship with Bro. & Mrs. Green as well as his son, Steve, and his family.  Bro. Steve has been the associate pastor and song leader at his dad's church for 41 years.

This was our first time ever being at this church and I preached in the morning and evening services.  To be honest I was a little nervous (more so than usual) because of Bro. Green and his, literally, world-wide notoriety.  There really was no need for this because honestly he is such a gracious gentleman.  Both he and his wife are down-to-earth folks who love God and love people.  There was good liberty in the services and all of the AMEN's were encouraging.  The invitations in the morning and evening were well responded to.

You will notice in the pictures below a picture of a bridge with Bro. Green's name on it.  The city of Lansing (Michigan's capital), in honor of his 56th year of pastoring the church named this bridge after him.  It is located about 1/8th of a mile from the church on the same street.

Much could be said here about Dr. Don Green - his noted prayer life; his convictions of holiness; the legacy of his children, grand children and great grand children serving God and so on.  Tomorrow I will post a bit about the BAPTIST FLAG - created by Bro. Green...stay tuned...

You can visit the church's website by CLICKING HERE.

Dr. Don Green (Pastor, Parker Memorial Baptist Church) and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Evangelist Craig and Stacie Cobb with Pastor Don Green

Evangelist Craig Cobb and his wife, Stacie

Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan

Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan

Lansing, Michigan honored Pastor Don Green by naming this bridge on East Cavanaugh Road after him

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