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DECEMBER 2-7, 2012
It was good to be back at Victory Baptist Church in Clarkston, Michigan where Bob Nogalski is the pastor.  It has been a number of years since our last visit and the Lord gave us a great meeting!

I had the privilege of preaching all day on the first Sunday.  It was the home-folks and there was good liberty to preach which happened all week long.  Monday thru Wednesday Evangelist Robert Foltz and I preached each night.  Bro. Foltz is out of Hope Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio.  This is the first time I had ever met him and it was a blessing getting to preach with him. Several area pastors and people from their churches came out and supported the meeting which was a blessing.

Thursday and Friday we heard from Evangelists Mark McGuaghey (Alabama) and Charlie Tenney (West Virginia).  They both did a fantastic job and there was a good response in the invitations each and every service.

There was lots of wonderful special music from the church people.  On Friday night the Evans Family from Northern Michigan came down and they did a good job singing as well.  Two things that this church enjoys is music and preaching. Pastor Nogalski was happy with the meeting and how things went so that is always encouraging.

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Every preacher's favorite clock!

The Duty Family Singing

The Nogalski Kids singing

Evangelist Robert Fotlz - Toledo, Ohio

Pastor Bob Nogalski - Victory Baptist Church - Clarkston, Michigan

Evangelist Craig Cobb

Evangelist Craig Cobb, Evangelist Robert Foltz, Pastor Bob Nogalski

Evangelist Charlie Tenney from West Virginia

Evangelist Mark McGaughey from Alabama

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