Friday, December 14, 2012


I mentioned yesterday about preaching for Pastor Don Green.  One of the many things he is noted for is creating the Baptist Flag.  Others may have seen this flag before but not realized it originated with Bro. Green.

Baptist Flag created by Dr. Don Green - pastor of Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan

The following article is from the website

History of the Baptist Flag

The Baptist Flag originated in the heart and mind of Dr. D. L. Green, pastor of the Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan. Desiring a flag with which to identify, yet reluctant to embrace the Christian Flag because of its adoption by a broad scope of religious groups which have blurred its distinctiveness, Dr. Green set out to design a flag which would be attractive in its appearance and distinct in its message.

After sketching a variety of designs and rejecting them as insufficient to express his thoughts, Dr. Green settled on the theme "The Tie That Binds." With this thought in mind, Dr. Green soon developed a flag that embodied the three-fold cord which binds Baptists around the world. As Baptists, we hold to the Book, the Word of God, as our rule for faith and practice; the Blood shed by Christ for the remission of sin; and the Blessed Hope of the return of Christ to unite us together in Heaven with Him for all eternity. The colors are also symbolic and significant in their message. Red is symbolic of the blood of Christ by which we are redeemed, white for His purity and the robe of righteousness of the saints.

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