Monday, July 9, 2012


This was the first weeknight service of the meeting and there was a fairly good crowd under the old gospel tent on Broad Street.  Locals refer to the area as "The Bottoms".  There was some good congregational singing and some good special music.  After this there was some good preaching from the Word of God.

Tonight's preachers and messages were:
Pastor Bob Nogalski - "Why Won't You?"
Evangelist Jack Patterson - "Go Forward"

Here's just a bit of history on the preachers tonight.  Bob Nogalski pastors Victory Baptist Church in Clarkston, Michigan and I've known him for over ten years.  He has a great camp meeting every year in May and we have been there a few times.  He and his wife have remained faithful over the years and are doing a great job in southwest Michigan.  They have ten children.

I first met Jack Patterson back in 1986 at the church where I got saved.  He was trained in the ministry personally by Lester Roloff.  His ministry is similar to Bro. Roloff's: he has homes for troubled men and seeks churches around the country to start homes as well.

Link to Victory Baptist Church of Clarkston, Michigan

Here are a few pictures from the service tonight...

Pastor Bob Nogalski (Victory Baptist Church, Clarkston, Michigan) and Evangelist Craig Cobb

Group of young people from Amazing Grace Baptist Church singing "Hold the Fort"

Evangelist Jack Patterson singing

Pastor Bob Nogalski preaching "Why Won't You?"

Joel & Melissa Berkheimer providing special music

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