Friday, July 13, 2012


Well it was an action-filled day here in Columbus.  As you may remember by a previous posting a few days ago, the area where we are having the tent meeting is known as "The Bottoms".  It is a place of crime, prostitution, drugs, murder and so on.  When I got to church this morning I found out that somebody (or probably a couple of somebodies!) had taken a bolt cutter and cut the chain link fence around the property and also cut the lock on the tent supply trailer.  They then stole the generator we have been using to provide power to the tent!  Praise the Lord that is all they took.

After the first preacher this morning Pastor Hood told the folks about the generator and that it would be about $600 to replace it. He also mentioned that somebody had already given him $100 towards a new one.  Well the Lord laid it on my heart to take up an offering so I asked Pastor Hood if I could say something.  He said no problem so I got up and encouraged the people to give.  Long story made short, we took up a total of $605 towards a new generator.  The assistant pastor went out and was buying one while we were in service and didn't know what was taking place.  The new one ended up costing $599!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!! God supplied the money at the exact time the new one was being purchased!!!!

It was another tremendous service this morning at the church.  Pastor Hood asked me to close out the meeting and just lift up the Lord so we could worship HIM!  The Lord let me get up and brag about Him a little bit.  The other preachers did a great job and again it was a help.  Tomorrow will be that last morning service of the meeting.

We had a very good service again tonight.  There was good special music and good preaching from a couple of preachers.  The Lord was really dealing with lots of people and one gentleman in particular who has been struggling for a few days since the meeting began.  He was dealt with during the invitation and gave testimony afterwards how he really wants God to use him and his life.  That's what these meetings are all about!

Today's preachers and messages-
Pastor Kenneth McFadden - "Why People Don't Enjoy the Things of God"
Evangelist George McDowell - "Here Am I, Send Me"
Evangelist Craig Cobb - "I Love the Lord"

Pastor Toure Carter - "The Way of the Mountain"
Evangelist Don Hardman - "Who Will You Be?"

The Carter Family singing

Evangelist George McDowell preaching

The group of ladies from our church with Mrs. Karen Hood (Pastor Hood's wife).

Old Time Baptist Church ladies singing special music

Pastor Taure Carter from West Memphis, Arkansas

Me and one of the Torres children

Ain't we just a sweet couple!!!

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