Wednesday, July 4, 2012


God Bless America

No other legal document can even begin to compare to our Declaration of Independence
America has been a nation for 236 years as of today.  I am thankful for our founding fathers who were not only willing but actually did put everything on the line to birth this wonderful nation.  Would to God we had statesmen today like those brave men who went against all odds to bring about a land that was based on the principles of the Word of God.  Yes, America I believe is in deep trouble this Fourth of July, but it is still the greatest country on the face of the earth.  No other nation has a story like the United States of America.

America's first president - George Washington

When I think of all that exists today because of American inventors and ingenuity all of our modern conveniences never cease to amaze me.  God blessed America because of her original intent to exist to see to it that religious liberty was preserved and that the gospel of Jesus Christ be preached to a lost and dying world.

Independence Hall - Philadelphia
Our forefathers were very much aware of what was at stake when they pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  They were not acting selfishly for glory or fame, but rather guaranteeing a free country for their children, grandchildren and countless generations to come.  It was but a small sacrifice to them when they considered the big picture.  No generation before or since has witnessed the stock from which those men came.

The famous signature

May we as Bible-believing Christians never forget what they did.  Are we willing to take a stand like they did?  The need for such a stand exists today, only the threat is not from without but from within.  It is not a foreign enemy that seeks to destroy this great land today but rather a domestic one.  It is not a single person but rather an ideology.  America's greatest enemy does not reside on foreign soil.  To think that people who call themselves politicians would rather see America fade into the "global stage" and give up its sovereignty to a world body is scary, mind-blowing, dangerous and every other negative adjective you can come up with.  The modern-day politician is not a statesmen as were the signers of our Declaration of Independence.  They are not worthy to tie the shoes of those who lived long ago and sacrificed their very lives to give to us what we have ruined.

What would our Constitution say if written by modern politicians?!
Yes, dear friend, we need to pray for America.  I really believe America is in big trouble today.  The Bible clearly states that the wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.  America is in trouble because America has forgotten God.  No good thing can come as a result.  America can not expect the blessings of God to continue when we have kicked Him out of our schools, when we murder thousands of innocent babies on a daily basis with no thought or regard about it, when we allow lifestyles clearly defined in scripture as an abomination, when so-called churches defiantly disobey the Word of God, when our political leadership refuses to acknowledge the very essence of how we started and what has made us great and when He is not even an after-thought. 

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