Thursday, July 12, 2012


What a day!

Today was, by far, the best day of the meeting so far.  God really met with us during the morning service with three great messages that were more than just preaching - they were full of HELP!  The preachers really had a desire to be a blessing to God's people and it was evident in their delivery.

After the morning service about 20 of us loaded the vehicles and went to downtown Columbus (about 1.5 miles from the church) to do some public ministry.  Some handed out tracts while others preached.  All the bases were covered: busy intersections, several bus stops, up and down the sidewalks and even right in front of the statehouse.  Several people were dealt with individually including a deaf lady who could only read lips.

Tonight was a great service with two preachers who reached both sides.  The first preacher preached to the lost and the second preacher preached to the church.  Two precious souls were dealt with on their knees at the altar after the first message and BELIEVED ON CHRIST!  I had the privilege of dealing with one of them - a man named Joe who is in the mission program of Amazing Grace Baptist Church.  Then the second message to the church was full of help and several people hit the altar weeping several minutes before the invitation was even given.  It's a blessing to see people respond when the Holy Ghost speaks to them instead of some predetermined cue towards the end of the service.

Today's preachers and messages:
Pastor Kenneth McFadden - "Jesus Knows"
Pastor Rick Drummond - "Failure Is Not Final"
Evangelist Mark McGaughey - "Being In The Right Yoke"

Pastor Keith Woodby - "Who's Your Father?"
Evangelist Don Hardman - "Are You Working FOR God or WITH God?"

Job Beechler, Associate Pastor - Amazing Grace Baptist Church

Pastor Kenneth McFadden - Bible Baptist Church - Searcy, Arkansas

Evangelist Mark McGaughey

Public Ministry in downtown Columbus, Ohio

Pastor Jimmy Hood and Amazing Grace Baptist Church (Charity Mission) have been working the streets of Columbus for about 30 years!

Public Ministry in Columbus, Ohio

This group drove down today from Hamburg.  They are from our church (Old Time Baptist Church) and it was good to see them.

Pastor Keith Woodby

The gospel tent has been set up for 17 years on Broad Street in Columbus

Flagpole in the yard of Amazing Grace Baptist Church

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